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Nightingale: How to Cook Roasted Meat



Nightingale - Roasted Meat

Nightingale offers various survival activities that players must pursue to enhance their chances of survival in the fantasy world of realms and one of the crucial ones is cooking. Cooking will allow players to cook various food items which will help them restore stamina and health. One of the cooking recipes that players can cook early is Roasted Meat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook roasted meat in Nightingale.

How to Cook Roasted Meat in Nightingale

Cooking the Roasted Meat will require players to first gather 1x Meat by killing any creature found in the realm. If you are in one of the starting realms of the game, you can find the creatures easily while exploring the realm. However, before you get to engage with the creature, you must have any kind of tool like a hunting knife, a pick, or an axe. You can easily make the Makeshift Tool Set early in the game using the basic resources so, make sure you have equipped a weapon to attack the creature to get Meat along with Bones and Hide.

Now, that you have acquired a piece of Meat, place and build a campfire to cook the Roasted Meat recipe. Once you have built the campfire, hold the interaction (E) key to add sticks, wood, or plant fibre as fuel to ignite the campfire. Interact with it again to open the recipe menu and select the Roasted Meat recipe to cook by pressing the R key.

It will take 10 seconds for the Roasted Meat to be cooked and it will provide 20 Hunger Mitigation for 720 seconds along with regenerating 15.7 HP per minute and 1 Stamina per second. You can easily cook several number of Roasted Meat and store them in your inventory to use them whenever required to keep pursuing your journey.  

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