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Nightingale: How to Cook Food



Nightingale: Cook Food

Survival in Nightingale depends on various elements of your character and one of the crucial ones is hunger. Staying hungry for a while and not consuming any sort of food raw or cooked will gradually decrease the HP of your character and result in death. It is crucial to learn how to cook food in Nightingale for both survival and pursuing ahead in the journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook food in Nightingale.

How to Cook Food in Nightingale

The cooking will be made possible once players have unlocked and built a Campfire in Nightingale. A campfire is one of the initial structures in the game and players will be able to make it using 6x Rocks. Upon building a Campfire, before players get to cook any sort of food items, they need to gather any one of the following items as fuel for the campfire.

  • Sticks
  • Plant Fiber
  • Wood

All of these items can be harvested from the small plants and bushes spread around the Forest Byway Realm, the first realm of the game. Explore around the realm to harvest the plants and bushes to stack up on these items.

Once you have harvested a decent amount of these materials, go to the campfire and hold the interaction (E) button to open the Campfire Fuel menu. Select one of the materials as fuel to ignite the campfire. The higher the quantity you place in the campfire, the longer the flame will last on the campfire. However, you can also extinguish the flames by interacting with the campfire whenever you please.

After igniting the flame on the campfire, interact with the campfire by pressing the E button to open the cooking menu. Select a cooking recipe from the list on the left side of the menu and then select the ‘Ingredient Slots’ to place the respective ingredients. Upon selecting the ingredients, press the R button to craft the selected recipe and it will be cooked after a certain amount of time.

The time for the food to get cooked can vary on the quantity which can be selected from the menu. You can also see the expected results on the right side to see which food item you will get once it is cooked. A certain keynote will play when the food is cooked and you will be able to retrieve it by interacting with the campfire.

For instance, one of the first food items that you will get to cook in the game will be Roasted Berries. To cook the Roasted Berries, you have to gather Raw Berries by harvesting the bushes around the area and then go to the campfire to add them to the Ingredient Slots. It will take 5x Raw Berries to cook the Roasted Berries and 5 seconds for each Roasted Berry.

Once the Roasted Berries are cooked, retrieve them from the campfire and you will be able to eat them while holding them in the off-hand.

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