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Nightingale: How to Make Healing Salve



Nightingale - Healing Salve

The fantasy world filled with Realms in Nightingale can be treacherous as various types of creatures and enemies can be found roaming around who are merciless and can harm your character greatly. It is best to stack up healing items to use them whenever needed to keep your character’s HP regenerating.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Healing Salve in Nightingale.

How to Make Healing Salve in Nightingale

Healing Salve is one of the healing items in Nightingale that can be crafted at a campfire. It is one of the early game recipes that players will be able to unlock during the tutorial and it is better to stack up on them as the Healing Potions are found inside the chests hidden around the realms. To make the Healing Salve, first and foremost you have to gather its required materials.

The required materials for crafting Healing Salve are 1x Bones and 1x Plant Fibre. Bones are obtained by skinning the creatures’ dead bodies and plant fibre is obtained by harvesting the plants and flowers. To skin the creatures, you will first have to make the Hunting Knife so, make sure that you have crafted the makeshift tools.

Once you have the required materials, place and build the campfire to start making the Healing Salve. Upon building the campfire, hold the interaction (E) key to add sticks, wood, or plant fibre as fuel to ignite the campfire. Interact with it again to open the recipe menu and select the Healing Salve recipe to cook by pressing the R key.

It will take 3 seconds for 1x Healing Salve to be crafted and it will provide 10 health regeneration every minute for 5 seconds upon usage. They are easy to craft so make sure to craft them in large quantities before venturing into unknown realms.

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