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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – 9 PM – Walkthrough



Oxenfree Ii: Lost Signals - 9 PM Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 2nd chapter of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – 9 PM

As Riley and Jacob reach the Camber Cape, they will notice a closed gate in front. Interact with the gate to try to open it but it will be locked. Equip the Walkie Talkie and tell Evelyn about the situation. Evelyn will tell you to be more creative to find an alternate route. There will be a giant rock in front of the staircase of Camber Cape and players need to get close to the rock to climb it. Climb the rock and jump onto the next rock to get on top of it. Go over the ledge and then jump to the next ledge to reach the Summit.

Now, go back down the path to open the gate for Jacob and head back up on the path to place down the transmitter. Reach the shed and investigate it. Go through the dialogues and then jump down on the ledge below to view a storm over Edwards Island. Place down the transmitter manually by selecting a frequency where the transmitter’s light turns blue.

Equip the Walkie-Talkie to tell Evelyn about the placement of the Transmitter and before things get right it gets worse and opens a Time Tear over Edwards Island. Riley will get pulled through the Time Tear which sends her back to a very first vision that she saw in the Prologue of the game. After that, she travels again to a mysterious location and then finally comes back to the Harbor where she talked to Evelyn for the first time.

Go through the dialogues with Evelyn again and tell her that it has happened before but Evelyn will not believe you. Go up to the General Store and you will see a strange kid from Edwards Island. You will get sent back to Bus Stop again and when you go to the General Store Again, an anonymous distorted voice will be heard sending you back again to the Bus Stop.

Go back to the General Store and go to the right side and you will notice a strange machine. Here, you will have to solve the puzzle by aligning and rotating the diamond shapes to form them into one diamond. Solving it will clear the path on the left side of the General Store. Go to the left side and you will see another machine with a different puzzle. Interact with the machine and turn the frequency into a linear frequency and then change the sliders to turn it into a diamond to solve the puzzle.

After solving the puzzle, go ahead on the path to make your way to Copper Creek Trail which will conclude this chapter and the next chapter will begin.

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