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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – Complete Walkthrough Guide



Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is an Indie – Adventure Game developed by Night School Studio and published by Netflix Games. It is a sequel to Oxenfree which came out in 2016 and takes place five years after the events of the original game. The story is about Riley Poverly, an environmental researcher who has come back to her hometown named “Camena”. There are reports of several supernatural signals scattered throughout Camena and players will get to investigate by going through different areas of Camena.

Like the original game, there are several major choices that players will have to make throughout the game that will make the relationships with the people they met, eventually turning the shape of the story and ending at the end. We will be guiding you through each chapter and highlighting any possible major choice and their consequences.

There are 11 chapters in Oxenfree II: Lost Signals which are divided by time milestones in the game. As players progress in the game, a time milestone will pop up on the screen, highlighting the beginning of a new chapter. You can find all the chapters down below and to read the walkthrough of a particular chapter, simply click the chapter link.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – All Chapters

Players will have to complete the following chapters in Oxenfree II: Lost Signals to complete the game.

  • Prologue
  • 8 PM
  • 9 PM
  • 10 PM
  • 11 PM
  • 1 AM
  • 2 AM
  • 3 AM
  • 4 AM
  • 7 AM

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 & 4, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.

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