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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – 8 PM – Walkthrough



Oxenfree II: Lost Signals - 8 PM Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 1st chapter of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – 8 PM

The first chapter begins at 8 PM time milestone and players will have to answer their Walkie Talkie. Talk to Evelyn on Walkie Talkie and she will tell you about the job of putting Transmitters along the coast. Go along with the conversation and select the dialogues to know more about the job. Evelyn will tell you that the Transmitters and Climbing Gear are in the General Store. Go to the right side of the Bust Stop where you were talking to Evelyn and you will reach a staircase.

Go up the staircase and the General Store would be in front of you. Along the way, there will be a brief tutorial on switching the channels on Walkie Talkie so make sure to practice that as well because different characters use different channels and you will be needing to change the channels in order to talk to a number of characters throughout the whole game.

Interact with the door to try to open it but it will be locked. There is a flyer and a note about the General Store being closed until Wednesday. Equip the Walkie Talkie and tune it to Channel 7 to tell Evelyn about the situation. Evelyn will tell you to proceed ahead to reach the Copper Creek Trail where you will meet your partner, Jacob Summers. Go to the left side of the General Store and take the path going up towards the Camber Cape.

Go along the path and cross through the small bridge. Take the south path from the Bulletin Board to take the staircase down to Copper Creek Trail where you will find Jacob Summers having a difficult time fixing his truck. Talk to Jacob and he will ask for your help with the ignition. Interact with the truck to turn on the ignition which unfortunately brings no luck to the truck. Equip the Walkie Talkie to talk and tell Evelyn about the situation.

Jacob will tell you to grab the transmitter standing on a nearby tarp. Go and interact with the transmitter to take it. Say Goodbye to Evelyn for now and pick up the Radio from the back of the Truck. The Radio is a crucial item in Oxenfree II: Lost Signals which players will get to use on various occasions throughout the game. Grab the Radio and set the frequency to 93.7 and continue the journey of reaching the Camber Cape.

Go up the staircase and go along the path going up towards the Camber Cape. You will be taking the safe route due to a lack of Climbing Gear. Simply walk along the path to enter the Pemmican Trailhead area. Keep going right and up along the path and have a conversation with Jacob along the way. There will be a natural ritual spot along the way that you can choose to investigate to know more about the town. Climb up the rocks and you will reach a resting area with a couple of benches.

Jacob will decide to rest there for a moment and you need to agree with him. Having a friendly relationship with the characters plays an important role in the game so make sure to select the “I Could Use the Break” option. After resting for a bit, go up the staircase that leads to Camber Cape to conclude the chapter.

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