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Palia: How to Make Fish Tacos



Palia: Fish Tacos

The latest patch of Palia brings 10 new cooking recipes to the Palian World that players can unlock and enjoy with the new ingredients that were also added with the patch. Most of the cooking recipes are Spicy due to the Spicy Peppers but there are also simple cooking recipes that include Corn and one of them is Fish Tacos.

This guide will cover the process of how to unlock and make the new Fish Tacos recipe in Palia.

How to Unlock the Fish Tacos in Palia

Like every cooking recipe in Palia, players must first learn its recipe and it is the same for Fish Tacos. Before players get to make the Fish Tacos, they will have to unlock it. To unlock the Fish Tacos, you simply need to go to Reth and open his Cooking Guild Store by pressing the G Button by standing next to him. If you scroll down in his Cooking Guild Store, you will be able to buy the Fish Tacos recipe for 250 Gold. However, you need to be at least Level 3 in the Cooking Guild to buy the Fish Tacos recipe so, make sure that you have leveled up your cooking experience enough to get the Fish Tacos recipe.

How to Make Fish Tacos in Palia

Once you have the Fish Tacos recipe, you will be able to make it using your cooking appliances. As each recipe requires certain cooking appliances and ingredients, it is the same for the Fish Tacos. You will need 2x Prep Station to make the Fish Tacos using the required ingredients which are the following.

The recipe takes 1 Spice Sprout as a starting ingredient and requires you to add Fish Fillet and Cornmeal. Both Fish Fillet and Cornmeal can be prepared on 1 Prep Station. Simply interact with the Prep Station and select the Fish Fillet to cut the pieces of Fish and to make the Cornmeal, select the corn and roll it with the rolling pin several times. Once both the ingredients are prepared, pick them and add them to the other Prep Station with Spice Sprout to complete the Fish Tacos cooking recipe.

Use of Fish Tacos

Eating the Fish Tacos will regenerate 100 Focus, and 150 Focus if Fish Tacos is Quality Material. You can also sell the Fish Tacos at the general store or shipping bin for 44 Gold, and 66 Gold if Quality Material.

That is all related to how to make Fish Tacos in Palia.

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