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Palia: How to Make Quiche Caleri



Palia: How to Make Quiche Caleri

The new patch (0.177) of Palia includes several new hidden quests along with various types of decorative items. While pursuing these hidden quests, players will also be able to find a new cooking recipe called Quiche Caleri, an uncommon food item that players will be able to make using various cooking stations.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Quiche Caleri in Palia.

How to Get Quiche Caleri Recipe in Palia

The Quiche Caleri Recipe is rewarded by completing the Pages Unseen quest. It is one of the new hidden quests in Palia that players will be able to pursue by finding a Mysterious Book in the Underground marketplace.

Players will get to speak with Zeki about the book and then they will have to give the book to Caleri who will then inform them to come to the Restricted Section of the library to learn the contents of the book. Upon doing so, Caleri will hand over the Quiche Caleri recipe to players as a reward for completing the quest.

How to Make Quiche Caleri in Palia

Once you have the Quiche Caleri recipe, you will be able to make it using your cooking appliances. As each recipe requires certain cooking appliances and ingredients, it is the same for the Quiche Caleri. You will need 2x Standard Oven and 1x Prep Station to make the Quiche Caleri using the required ingredients which are the following.

  • 1x Butter
  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Any Mushroom (Mountain Morel or Brightshroom)
  • 1x Any Red Meat (Sernuk Meat or Chapaa Meat)

Follow the following steps to make the Quiche Caleri.

  • Step 1: Interact with the Standard Stove and select the Quiche Caleri recipe to make.
  • Step 2: Go to the Prep Station and interact with it to make Chopped Meat by completing the chopping mini-game.
  • Step 3: Interact with the Prep Station again to make Chopped Mushroom by completing the chopping mini-game.
  • Step 4: Interact with the Prep Station again to make Basic Dough by completing the rolling mini-game.
  • Step 5: Interact with the other Standard Oven and add the Chopped Meat to make Bacon. It will take 15 seconds for the bacon to be prepared.
  • Step 6: Go to the Standard Stove and add all the ingredients you prepared one by one to finish making Quiche Caleri.

Make sure to complete all of the above steps in under 1min 40s otherwise, you will get the Spoiled Food. Consuming the Quiche Caleri will restore 175 Focus and it can be sold at Zeki’s General Store or Shipping Bin for 32 Gold.

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