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Unicorn Overlord: Where to Buy New Weapons



Unicorn Overlord - Where to buy new weapons

Exploring the various nations of Fevrith and recruiting all kinds of characters with vast class capabilities will often require you to change their equipment for better damage output whether it’s physical damage or magic damage. As leveling up your characters in a unit does increase those stats by 1, it is far better to get improved weapons to enhance these stats by greater numbers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to buy new weapons in Unicorn Overlord.

Where to Buy New Weapons in Unicorn Overlord

Improved weapons and equipment are hard to get in Unicorn Overlord as they are obtained by completing certain Overworld Quests or liberating strong Forts in a nation. Claiming such equipment will require your characters’ attack power to be greater and this is where you should consider buying them new and improved weapons from the Armorer.

Armorer is basically a blacksmith in the game who can be found in almost all the major cities, towns, and harbors that you liberate and explore throughout the adventure. Upon interacting with a city/town/harbor, you will find the Armorer option to do trade with him. The very first harbor that players will have access to is the Ouvrir Harbor located close to Fort Soligie.

Choose to trade with Armorer to browse his shop and all the weapons that he has in stock. Trading with the Armorer and other shops in the settlements will cost you Gold/War Funds so make sure that you have some Gold to spare for the main character as well as your allies.

Simply select the weapon you wish to buy and a side menu will open requiring you to equip the selected weapon on a character. As specific class characters do good with certain types of weapons, it is crucial to hand suitable weapons to the characters while buying them.

Upon selecting the character, you will automatically equip the new weapon to them and you will be able to see the increased stats right away. Keep in mind that all the Armorer shops in the world have a certain amount of stock for the weapons and equipment they offer so, be extra cautious while buying the new weapons for your allies.

Fortunately, the game is forgiving enough to edit your allies’ equipment so if you think that there is another character who will be a more fit for a certain weapon that you bought for another character, feel free to switch it.

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