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Unicorn Overlord: How to Promote Your Units



Unicorn Overlord - Promote Your Units

Promoting your units in Unicorn Overlord plays a crucial role in acquiring your characters’ new skills, enhancing their stats, and increasing the AP and PP all of which can result in success in all battle stages. It is best to learn the method to promote your units to more advanced classes and build a powerful unit just to take down powerful enemies like commanders as quickly as possible.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to promote your units in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Promote Your Units in Unicorn Overlord

To promote your units/allies to advanced classes, you must reach Renown Level B. The Renown Level is linked to the Fort Level and it will gradually increase as you gain Renown by various activities. Earning Renown quickly can be made possible by defeating the enemies in Battle Stages, completing Overworld Quests, making deliveries to towns/cities/harbors, defeating Overworld enemies, and more.

Once you have reached Renown Level B, you will be notified by Josef that you will be able to promote your units from now on at any Fort. Go to any Fort that is under your rule and interact with it to see the “Promote” option available. Select the Promote option to open the Promotion menu in which you will be able to see all of your units. Browse through the menu, select the unit you wish to promote, and then accept to promote to confirm the promotion for that unit.

Promoting the unit will increase their stats, grant them new skills and abilities, and increase their AP and PP which will assist them greatly in Battle Stages. However, promoting the units will cost a certain amount of Honors currency. Each unit/class will cost a different amount of Honors and the classes that are more offensive or good than the other will generally cost more.

When to Promote Your Units in Unicorn Overlord

Despite the cost of Honors, it is best to promote your units as soon as you can. Whenever you reach Renown Level B, if you have some spared Honors at your disposal, use them to promote your units especially, Alain and Hordrick as they will get the most considerable changes in their play style.

Promoting Alain will allow him to ride on horseback, increasing his movement speed overall, and for Hordrick, he will become the fearless frontline who will not back away from any physical attacks. However, it is best to keep him away from the enemies that use magic attacks.

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