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Unicorn Overlord: How to Get Renown Points



Unicorn Overlord - Renown Points

Unicorn Overlord offers various types of currencies which all work for almost the same cause, strengthening your army. One of the crucial currencies is Renown which also works for ranking the Renown Rank which unlocks new vital services for your army at the liberated Forts/Cities.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get Renown Points in Unicorn Overload.

How to Get Renown Points in Unicorn Overlord

There are various means through which you will be able to get Renown Points in the game. Initially, the best way to get the Renown Points is by completing the main quests of the story. As you progress through the initial stages of the game, you will get to earn several Renown Points. However, once you have unlocked your first fort, you need to start exploring the surrounding area more to find side quests and overworld quests which will help you earn extra Renown Points.

Overworld Quests for Getting Renown Points

The Overworld Quests like making the deliveries for the town will help you earn +5 Renown Points every time you make a delivery. The delivery consists of providing required resources for the town which unlocks new services at the town for you to utilize. Furthermore, players can also earn an extra +5 Renown Points just by stationing a guard at the town which will gather the resources automatically for the town and reward you with Gold and Honors.

Auxiliary Stages for Farming Renown Points

One of the best ways to get Renown Points frequently is by participating in Auxiliary Stages. These are the repeatable stages in the game that you can pursue as many times as you want and earn EXP, Renown, and Honors all the way through. If you are in the starting levels of the game, it is best to pursue the very first Auxiliary Stage as long as you can to farm Renown.

The very first stage unlocks after recruiting Selvie, the Shaman, and is located on the southeastern border of Cornia. The name of this stage is The Sigil’s Trial, Beginner 1 and it only contains Level 6 enemies so, it shouldn’t be very difficult to defeat them over and over again to farm Renown Points along with EXP.

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