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Unicorn Overlord: How to Replenish Valor Points



Unicorn Overlord - How to Replenish Valor Points

Valor Points are one of the crucial aspects for leading a battle in Unicorn Overlord, as crucial decisions like deploying a unit or using the Valor Skills for the battle stage ahead are all done with the help of Valor Points. As Valor Points are limited to 10 in each stage, players must learn how to replenish Valor Points to have a strong position in future battles.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to replenish Valor Points in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Replenish Valor Points in Unicorn Overlord

There are multiple methods through which players will be able to earn Valor Points back and store them in the Valor Gauge Bar. These methods include defeating the enemies in the Battle Stages, Liberating the Towns and Forts, and withdrawing your units. All of these methods provide a certain amount of Valor Points (1-2) and you can find the explanation for each method below.

Defeat the Enemies in Battle Stages

As you deploy units for fighting the enemies in Battle Stages, it is also the best method to earn back some Valor Points. Upon engaging in a battle with the enemies, send in your strongest unit to win the battle, and at the end of the battle, you will get about a couple of Valor Points.

Liberate Towns and Forts

During your exploration around the world, whether you are pursuing the main quest, side quest, or Overworld quest, there is a high chance of running into a town or fort that is being held under the enemy’s territory. For you to liberate such towns and forts, you would have to most likely engage in a battle stage with the enemy. These fights are often harder than the regular overworld enemies so, it is best to utilize the Valor Skills on your strongest unit to secure the win and liberate the town/fort.

Withdraw Your Units

Lastly, you can also choose to withdraw your deployed units to earn back a Valor Point. If you have deployed two other units with your main unit, withdrawing both of the units back will give one Valor Point each. To do so, you have to return to the Command Post from where you started the stage and interact with the Command Post to get the ‘Withdraw’ option. Select the Withdraw option and then select the unit you wish to remove to get a Valor Point.

Use Hallowed Corne Ash Consumable to Get Valor Points

Apart from the regular field methods to replenish Valor Points, there is also a quick way to get a couple of Valor Points and that is using a consumable called Hallowed Corne Ash. The Hallowed Corne Ash is obtained by digging the foraging sites in the world (usually within the Abandoned Ruins area) as well as can be purchased from a vendor in Rondmort Church.

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