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Unicorn Overlord: How to Deploy Units



Unicorn Overlord: How to Deploy Units

Deploying your units in every stage is crucial for a successful escapade in Unicorn Overlord because you never know how many allies would you need to clear a stage. It is better to deploy as many units as you have for both exploring the world and undertaking the various quests as several Overworld enemies roam around the world who can drop essential goods.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to deploy units in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Deploy Units in Unicorn Overlord

The deployment of your units other than the main unit in which the main character Alain resides, all cost Valor Points. You will get to use Alain without any use of Valor Point but as Alain cannot fight all the various types of enemies alone, you will have to deploy other units which will cost one Valor Point each.

To deploy your units and allies, you will have to go to the Command Post which is the starting point of a stage, and interact with it to get the option to deploy a unit using Valor Point. Confirming the option to deploy a unit will open the Unit Menu from which you will be able to deploy one of your unlocked units.

As each unit can hold up to multiple allies, it is better to have a maximum number of allies in a unit to deploy them all instantly. However, as you don’t get multiple Valor Points at the start of the stages, it is best to replenish Valor Points either by defeating the nearby enemies or using a certain consumable to have a chance to deploy your allies earlier in the stage.

With more variety of classes at your disposal at a time, the better you will be able to strategize and tackle the enemies and even eliminate them in a single blow.

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