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Unicorn Overlord: Gammel All Choices



Unicorn Overlord - Gammel All Choices

There are several impactful choices that players will have to make at various events throughout the game. As players pursue the main, side, and overworld quests, they will run into various recruitable characters that they might not recognize at first sight. One of the characters that players will be able to recruit later in the game but the choice for it has to be made earlier in the game is Gammel. The fate of Gammel will be given to players’ hands and making a choice will change the events respectively later in the story.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the outcome for all Gammel Choices in Unicorn Overlord.

Gammel All Choices Outcomes in Unicorn Overlord

Players will first encounter Gammel in the very first side quest, A Solitary Resistance which can be started right after players have taken hold of Fort Soligie in Cornia. As players pursue the side quest and defeat Gammel at The Liberation’s Command Post, they will get to engage in a conversation with Gammel from where they will get to make their choice which will decide the fate of Gammel. The Choices for Gammel are the following.

  • Set him free: Setting him free will let Gammel leave in peace with Alain allowing players to recruit him later down in the storyline.
  • Hand him to the town watch: Handing him over to the town watch will get Gammel jailed and reward players with 10,000 War Funds/Gold.

As for learning about these choices, the second choice will sound more beneficiary as you would get 10,000 Gold right at the start of your journey. However, the better choice in terms of the long run is the first one because Gammel will have good terms with Alain which allows him to join his army during the “A Shifting Tide” quest along with his Mandrin if you let him go as well.

Apart from this, all the rewards for completing this quest are the same.

  • Rolf Character
  • 1x Recruit’s Shortbow
  • 1x Beckoning Bell
  • 1x Cornia Militia

So, if you ask us, we would recommend you go for the first option and free Gammel to recruit him later in your adventure. Otherwise, Gammel will plot revenge against Alain and you will have to take him down again later in the story where you will not get the chance to recruit him.

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