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Unicorn Overlord: How to Get Divine Shards



Unicorn Overlord: How to Get Divine Shards

Unicorn Overlord offers various types of currencies each one with unique usage. One of the items that can be called a currency is a Divine Shard which can be used to purchase equipment and even recruit new allies from other nations to strengthen your army. It is one of the crucial items in the game and if players wish to get better equipment for certain classes, they must learn how to get it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Get Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord

There are multiple ways through which players can get their hands on Divine Shards. These methods include completing the side quests, examining the sparkling spots in the Overworld, and participating in the Mining Mini-Game.

Complete Side/Overworld Quests

Various side quests offer plenty of Divine Shards upon completion but the rewards can be varied on the choices you make during the quests. For instance, The Winged Knight side quest gives you the choice of either freeing Mandrin or executing him. Freeing him will give you the regular rewards whereas, executing him will give an additional reward of 15x Divine Shards.

There are several quests in the Overworld that you can search for while exploring the world and you can net yourself plenty of Divine Shards by completing them.

Examine Sparkling Spots in the Overworld

The basic way of getting Divine Shards is by examining the white sparkling spots in the Overworld. These are a bit different from the blue highlighted spots in the Overworld, foraging sites where you can dig to find materials that then can be delivered to towns and cities. You need to be on the lookout for sparkling spots while exploring the world to get guaranteed Divine Shards.

Participate in Mining Mini-Game

Lastly, another great way to get Divine Shards is by participating in the Mining Mini-Game at the various Quarry locations. One of the earliest Quarry locations that players can unlock is Cornia Quarry located south of Cornia region. Players will be able to unlock it after completing the Mercenary Trial side quest.

Participating in the mining mini-game can net you an unlimited number of Divine Shards but it is also a home to Treasure Maps so your findings are never certain. Furthermore, participating in the mining mini-game is never free as you would require a Mining Pass or pay 200 Gold for each time.

How to Use the Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord

The Divine Shards are used to trade with Ochlys, a vendor located in Rondmort Church, directly south of the Walled City of Barbatimo. However, before players get to trade with Ochlys, they will first have to complete an Overworld Quest named “An Angel’s Request” which will require them to pay 30 Divine Shard at Ochlys Shop.

Upon completing this quest, Ochlys will join the Liberation and open his Shop’s door to Alain. After that, you can freely visit Ochlys and buy powerful equipment for your units in exchange for Divine Shards.

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