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Unicorn Overlord: How to Use Valor Skills



Unicorn Overlord - How to Use Valor Skills

Throughout the continent of Fevrith, you will get to engage in countless battles with various types of enemies. Engaging in a battle stage with enemies uses the regular attacks and skills of your unit which can either be enough for defeating the enemies or not depending on the type of enemy. The regular enemies can be dealt with easily but the enemies (commander) that are stronger than regular enemies will often require you to use Valor Skills to buff up your unit before sending them to initiate the fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Valor Skills in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Use Valor Skills in Unicorn Overlord

The Valor Skills are unique to every class and they can be used from a unit’s action menu. Move the marker over to a unit you wish to use the Valor Skills of and select the “Valor Skills” option to view the available skills. Each skill available in the list will require a certain amount of Valor Points to be activated. Browse through the skills and then select the one you wish to activate to apply it to the ally.

Some of the Skills also work on your allies in a unit. Such skills will cost the respective amount of Valor Points depending on the number of allies in a unit. For instance, if you initiate the Valorous Order of Alain’s Valor Skill and there are two allies alongside Alain, it will cost you 3 Valor Points.

Furthermore, some of the Valor Skills are time-based, meaning their effect will terminate after a certain amount of time. If you wish to use such skills, you would have to be quick in starting the battle before it terminates.

The usage of Valor Skills can also be done to provide healing for your hurt allies. Various allies hold the skills of healing and it is best to use them before engaging in the next battle stage to have absolute HP.

However, as using Valor Skills can cost multiple Valor Points, make sure that you have replenished them before using them to activate skills or replenish them afterward to not get held back in any future battle stages.

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