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Unicorn Overlord: How to Farm Honors



Unicorn Overlord - Farm Honors

Unicorn Overlord is all about war where you will get to go on a great journey with Prince Alain who recruits allies through various nations. During the journey, players will get to manage all the allies with different classes, and weapons, forming them into units, and several other army features for which players will need various types of currencies.

One of the crucial currencies for managing the capabilities of the army is Honors which is earned through various means. Players should know what activities to undertake to quickly stack up on Honors to unlock new reach for the allies and the overall army.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to farm Honors in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Farm Honors in Unicorn Overlord

Honors is earned through various means in Unicorn Overlord and we have mentioned the best methods to get Honors frequently below.

Completing Battle Stages

One of the best ways to earn Honors is by completing the battle stages as early as possible. Battle Stages are the automated battling system in the game that allows your chosen unit for a battle to fight against the enemies using various abilities and skills. It is best to use the Valor Skills of your allies before initiating the battle Stage to attack the enemies with offensive buffs to kill them with a single blow.

Complete Town Deliveries

While liberating new forts and exploring new nearby towns, players will be able to avail town’s services as well as provide various necessities to a town to unlock more services. The towns have a demand for certain resources which players can complete by providing them with the required deliveries.

Head into the Deliveries option to view the required resources and then head out to the world to find the foraging sites to find the resources. Bring the resources back to the town to earn Gold along with Honors. Furthermore, players can also station a guard at the town which will forage the resources from the discovered foraging sites by themselves and reward you with Gold and Honors in return.

Defeat Wandering Enemies

Another great way to earn Honors is by defeating the wandering enemies in the overworld. Engaging in a battle with these enemies will show you the outcome of the fight depending on which enemy you are targeting. It is best to target an enemy to which you are dealing the most damage to win the fight instantly.

Take Part in Auxiliary Stages

Last but not least, another great method to earn Honors is by engaging in a battle with phantom soldiers in the Auxiliary Stages. These are the repeatable stages in the game that you can pursue as many times as you want and earn EXP, Renown, and Honors all the way through. If you are in the starting levels of the game, it is best to pursue the very first Auxiliary Stage as long as you can to farm Honors.

The very first stage unlocks after recruiting Selvie, the Shaman, and is located on the southeastern border of Cornia. The name of this stage is The Sigil’s Trial, Beginner 1 and it only contains Level 6 enemies so, it shouldn’t be very difficult to defeat them over and over again to farm Honors along with EXP.

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