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Palia: How to Romance with Subira



Palia - Romance with Subira

Subira, the latest entry to Palia is now a romanceable option for players. The latest Luna New Year event patch (0.176) brings players close to participating in the traditions and customs of Palian residents in celebrating Luna New Year along with starting a new quest line for Subira to unlock the Romance option with her.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Romance with Subira in Palia.

How to Romance with Subira in Palia

The key requirement to begin a romance with Subira is increasing your Friendship Level with Subira, like any other romanceable character in Palia. You will have to first increase your Friendship Level to Level 4 with Subira to unlock the Romance option by gifting her a Chocolate Box or a Heartdrop Lily flower. Chocolate Box can be bought from Zeki’s General Store for 200 Gold and Heartdrop Lily flowers can be foraged from the mountains area in Bahari Bay.

Once all of the requirements have been fulfilled, give a gift to Subira to unlock the Romance option and start the ‘High Stakes’ quest. The quest will require players to meet Subira at the Lighthouse with a dish of personal choice. Complete the quest line to get Subira’s Pin and reach Romance Level 1 with Subira.

To further increase your Romance Level with Subira, you need to engage in conversation with Subira every Palian Day and gift a Chocolate Box or Heartdrop Lily flower once per real-life week each. No other gifts will impact the romance meter so, make sure to get the gifts for Subira every week to greatly increase the romance level.

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