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Palia: How to Get Prize Wheel Coins



Palia - Prize Wheel Coins

The Maji Market has returned for players to celebrate the Luna New Year Event with all the Palians and other players. It is a special time for all of the Palian residents which will allow players to bond with all the villagers and take part in various traditions and festivities. During this limited-time event, Zeki has put a Prize Wheel at his stall through which players will be able to win several prizes including Gold, Renown, Lucky Envelopes, and much more but at a cost of Prize Wheel Coin per spin.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Prize Wheel Coins in Palia.

How to Get Prize Wheel Coins in Palia

All the festivities and games of the Luna New Year Event will start at 6 PM and last till 3 AM (in-game time) daily including Zeki’s Prize Wheel that players can spin repeatedly using Prize Wheel Coins. Prize Wheel Coins are only used for spinning the Prize Wheel that Zeki put up at his stall for the duration of the Luna New Year event.

The first Prize Wheel Coin that players will get is during the first event quest ‘New Year, New Wishes’. To get more Prize Wheel Coins, players will have to spend 2,000 Lucky Envelopes at Zeki’s shop beside the Prize Wheel. Spending 2,000 Lucky Envelopes every time will give you one Prize Wheel Coin.

Getting more Prize Wheel Coins is expensive but you can farm Lucky Envelopes by participating in the Hotpot minigame throughout the event and the Chapaa Chase minigame every midnight. You can easily earn thousands of Lucky Envelopes daily which will help you get more Prize Wheel Coins and buy all the event-exclusive items from the stalls.

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