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Palworld: How to Get Coal



Palworld - Coal

The world in Palworld is filled with various exotic resources and materials that players can find by exploring the world and using certain tools. Gathering the materials will allow players to utilize them in crafting new structures and items that can be used for various reasons. One of the essential materials in Palworld is Coal which is used to craft Refined Ingot and is essential for making end-game weapons.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Coal in Palworld.

How to Get Coal in Palworld

Coal can be obtained by two different methods in Palworld requiring players to either mine the Coal Nodes or kill/catch the Pals named Blazamut and Menasting. Both of them are end-game Pals as their living habitat is rare and can only be found on distant islands. Blazamut is found on the island located northeast of the map whereas, the Menasting is found on the island located west of the map.

However, the best method to get coal is through mining the Coal Nodes and you can even make a Coal Farm by making a Palbox in the area surrounded by Coal Nodes and letting your Pals with Mining ability to mine the Coal for you. There are only five locations on the complete world map where you will be able to find several Coal Nodes that can be made into a Coal Farm. The locations for mining Coal Nodes are as follows.

  • Deep Sand Dunes – Coordinates: (319. 498)
  • Sealed Realm of the Swift – Coordinates: (189, -39)
  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian – Coordinates: (288, -21)
  • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant – Coordinates: (-96, -120)
  • Anubis Boss location – Coordinates: (-125, -84)

Among all of these five locations, the Deep Sand Dunes is the best mining spot as it contains 8 Coal Nodes in total that you will be able to mine at a time. All the other locations have 6 Coal Nodes each which can also get you a decent number of Coal.  However, if you go to the Anubis boss location or Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant, both of them are close to each other and you can mine 12 nodes at a time.

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