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Party Animals: All Available Modes & How to Play Them



Party Animals: All Modes

Party Animals is a new party game with 20 different maps that players can enjoy with random players or with their friends online or in a local play with a split screen. The quantity of content in Party Animals is just about right for any player to enjoy it for hours and all the different modes can allow players to change up the playstyle of the game to continuously enjoy the game with their friends. As each mode has a different set of rules and maps, the players should learn them first to perform better against opponents.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the rules of all modes and how you can play them in Party Animals.

All Modes in Party Animals & How to Play Them

Party Animals has 3 Modes in total at launch which include 20 different Maps. Players can play the random maps by the Quick Match with random players or friends (up to 3) or can play a map of their choice and rules in a Custom Match with friends (up to 7). Each Mode has a certain number of maps with their own set of rules. The available modes in Party Animals are the following.

  1. Last Stand: A team of 2 players needs to be the last one standing against the other 3 teams of 2 players to win.
  2. Team Score: A team of 4 players needs to score certain points first against an opponent team to win.
  3. Arcade: A team of 4 players needs to eliminate the other team’s animals 10 times first to win.

The Quick Match in Party Animals offers 3 different maps from different modes that players have to vote for to play the map. The maps will keep shuffling after every map allowing players to experience different maps in their playthrough. If players want to play a certain map of a specific mode, they will have to join or create a custom match which is a great way to enjoy with your friends. The maps available in all 3 modes of Party Animals that players can enjoy are the following.

  • Last Stand: Ichiban, Typhoon, Broken Arrow, Winter Is Coming, Wind Tunnel, Blackhole Lab, Beat-Up Bridge, Gator Valley, and Ice Breaker.
  • Team Score: Lollipop Factory, Fluffy Redemption, Into The Game, Safely Afloat, Trebuchet, Buzz Ball, Beast Hockey, Beast Football, and Beast Soccer.
  • Arcade: Winter Cabin, and Final Destination.

Every map has a certain catastrophe and winning rules that players will have to avoid and follow to win the match. You can read our guide on how to win on all maps to help you on any map if you are struggling.

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