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Party Animals: How to Level Up Fast



Party Animals: Level Up Fast

Leveling up in Party Animals can get you cool rewards including new Outfits/Cosmetics for your favorite animals. Other party games like Fall Guys, Gang Beasts, etc. all have leveling mechanics that help you earn new items to show off to your friends and it is the same case with Party Animals.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Level Up Fast in Party Animals.

How to Level Up Fast in Party Animals

Playing the matches in Party Animals will earn players Experience Points which will increase the Animal Level of players after reaching the threshold of the level. Players will gain experience points at the end of every Quick Match and Custom Match. So, no matter what players are playing, they will earn experience points at the end of every match that will help them level up their Animal Level. Now, to level up the Animal Level quickly in Party Animals is based on the following actions.

  • Play with a Friend in Quick Match.
  • Complete the Weekly Challenges (only in Quick Match).
  • Get more knockouts.
  • Win matches.
  • Finish Games.

To level up fast in Party Animals, it is best to play with one of your friends in a Quick Match and try to complete the weekly challenges to earn extra thousands of experience points. As the base experience points are earned on your performance, try to get more knockouts and finish the game instead of leaving the match mid-game. If you leave the match, you will earn no XP. Winning every game will earn you an extra 2,000 XP. So, if you try to do every possible task to earn extra XP, you will level up way much faster than the regular XP rate.

There are 100 Animal Levels in total that will reward you with various items, currencies, and Outfits/Cosmetics so, make sure to level up your Animal Level quickly to get the free rewards from leveling up and show off to your friends.

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