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Party Animals: How to Get New Outfits/Cosmetics



Party Animals: New Outfits

Party Animals is a new party game with adorable plush-looking animals that players can play online with random players or their friends in a Quick Match or a Custom Match. There are over 25 animals in total that players can choose to play and each animal has a unique set of outfits/cosmetics that players can unlock to show off to their friends in the match.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get new outfits/cosmetics in Party Animals.

How to Get New Outfits/Cosmetics in Party Animals

There are over 200 outfits/cosmetics for all the animals combined in Party Animals and it just getting started. The Devs have plans for future collaborations with various iconic organizations to bring their inspired skin to the game. With all of the unique skins, all of the players will start with a base skin of the animals The new outfits/cosmetics for the animals can be obtained by the following methods.

  • Complete certain challenges/achievements.
  • Buy them from the Item Shop.
  • Use Egg Coins in the Surprise Egg Machine.

Most of the unique skins for the animals are tied behind an achievement or challenge that players should complete to unlock them. However, most of the outfits/cosmetics for every animal are purchasable from the Item Shop of the game. Players can access the Item Shop from the bottom left corner of the main menu of the game. The Item Shop includes Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Outfits/Cosmetics for various animal characters that can be bought with different in-game currencies as well and some of them require real money.

There are three currencies in total, Cookies, Nemo Bucks, and Egg Coins which players will earn by playing the matches and leveling up their Animal Level in the game. Cookies are mostly used in the Daily section of the Item shop which will let you buy the Common and Uncommon Outfits/Cosmetics of the characters. Nemo Bucks is a more valuable currency and is used in both the Daily and Weekly sections of the Item Shop which will let you buy the Rare, Epic, and Legendary Outfits/Cosmetics of the characters.

The Egg Coins can also be used to unlock a certain rarity skin for a character through the Surprise Egg Machine. You can add 1 – 10 Egg Coins in the machine to get a chance to unlock a random skin.

As there are tons of Outfits/Cosmetics to unlock, you might have to wait for your favorite ones to appear in the store item to get them until then save the currencies and use them when the time is right.

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