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Party Animals: How to Unlock Gordon Nemo Half-Life Skin



Party Animals: Gordon Nemo

Party Animals is a new online party game with various animals to choose from and play. Every animal has unique cosmetics that players can unlock by playing and leveling up but certain cosmetics are bound to certain requirements. One of the legendary cosmetics that players can unlock for the Nemo (Dog) character is Gordon from Half-Life.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Gordon Nemo’s Half-Life Skin in Party Animals.

How to Unlock Gordon Nemo’s Half-Life Skin in Party Animals

The Gordon Nemo skin was teased by the official Party Animals Twitter page before the release of the game and now that the game is finally out, players can get their hands on the exclusive Gordon Skin. To unlock Gordon Nemo’s Half-Life Skin, players will have to win 5 Quick Matches on the Blackhole Lab map. The Blackhole Lab map is a part of Last Stand Mode in which a team of 2 players has to remain the last standing among the other 3 teams of 2 players.

The winnings must be in the Quick Matches to unlock the Gordon Nemo skin otherwise, players will not unlock it. If players try to win the matches in the custom matches, it will not trigger the unlock of the Gordon Nemo skin. The Last Stand modes are relatively shorter than the other two modes of the game and players will be able to win the 5 matches under in an hour depending on the map luck.

If players get the Blackhole Lab map often, then they can coupe the skin quickly.

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