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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Charcadet and Evolve into Ceruledge



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Charcadet and Evolve into Ceruledge

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have hundreds of Pokemon in the game that players can catch as they progress through the game. One of the Fire-Type Pokemon that players can catch early in the game is Charcadet. Its initial level is low so players can easily catch it early in the game and later evolve it into a more powerful Pokemon.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Charcadet and evolve into Ceruledge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Catching Charcadet

Charcadet can be found in both versions of the Pokemon game and players can get it quite early in their game. Charcadet is level 14 Pokemon so players who have completed the Prologue of the game and done some catching of other Pokemons will be able to easily catch Charcadet. Charcadet is a Fire-Type Pokemon and it lives in almost all parts of the Paldea region which is the starting region of the game.

If you open the Pokedex app on your Rotom Phone, you can see all of its spawn locations on the map and one of the regular spawn locations of Charcadet is west of the South Province (Area Two). You just need to head in the west direction and cross through the South Province (Area Two) and when you are out of the area, you’ll see a cave on the right. Go inside the area and at the end of the cave, you’ll see Charcadet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Charcadet and Evolve into Ceruledge

Interact with Charcadet to engage with him in a battle or if your level is high enough, you can just throw the Poke Ball at him to catch Charcadet.

Evolving Charcadet into Ceruledge

Pokemons have an Evolving ability which makes them stronger and increases their stats. Charcadet Pokemon also has an evolving ability and you can evolve it into two different forms. Charcadet is a Fire Child Pokemon and there are two different armors that evolve him into his different forms. The first form of his is Armarouge and the second form of his Ceruledge. The armor that evolves him into Ceruledge is more powerful and it can only be gotten by obtaining certain materials.

The armor that evolves Charcadet into Ceruledge is called Malicious Armor and you can only get it from the NPC in the Zapapico area of the map. The NPC will ask for 10x Bronzor Fragments which can be gotten by attacking Bronzor Pokemon. Bronzor Pokemons are mostly found in the Deserted areas of the map but the most regular spawns of them are in the Ruins of Asado Desert. You can go into the Ruins and just attack them to get the Bronzor Fragments. We also have a detailed guide on Bronzor Fragments that can help you get these materials.

Once you’ve got enough Bronzor Fragments, go to the NPC in the Zapapico area and buy the Malicious Armor. After getting the armor, open up your bag and go to the Other Items tab in the bag. Find the Malicious Armor in the inventory and then select it. You’ll get this option to use this item and you need to select Charcadet Pokemon to evolve him into Ceruledge.

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