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Raft: The Final Chapter: Hammer Location in Utopia



Raft: The Final Chapter: Hammer Location in Utopia

Raft’s new chapter includes new locations to be discovered and the players will get to Utopia after clearing Temperance Island. Utopia is the last location of Chapter 3. Utopia is a city and players will need to explore this location to get to the end of the story of the game.

In this guide, we tell you the location of Hammer and for what purpose you need it.

Hammer’s Location

After the players will have found the Entrance keys for a building to enter, they will go up to the 22 levels of the building by a lift and then they will find a locked door that will require a hammer to break down the lock. To find the hammer, you’ll have to cross the Wind Fans Area below that door. Make your way through the wind fans area by parkour and you will reach a ledge. On this ledge, there’ll be a hole in the building on your left, walk into that hole and you will find the Hammer on the counter.

You will also see an Elevator like the one you took before when you entered this building but you’ll notice that this elevator is missing Cog Parts. You will have to find the Cog Parts for this elevator in order to use it. The Hammer will open the door, from which you’d be able to get the Cog Parts after solving the puzzle.

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