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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Cross Wind Fans Area



Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Cross Wind Fans Area

At Utopia, players will explore the city by going on different platforms and solving puzzles to progress further and unlock new paths. Players will access a building and then they need to find the Entrance Keys for the next building. After they have found the keys, they will be able to go into the building and take a lift up to the 22 levels. Then they would get to a door that will require a hammer to break it so, in order to find the hammer, they’ll have to cross the wind fans area.

In this guide, we tell you how to cross the Wind Fans area in the building.

How to Cross Wind Fans Area

When players will reach the locked door, they will have to find a hammer in order to break the lock of the door. There’ll be some platforms with Wind Fans spinning on each of the platforms. The wind fans will push you down of the platforms if you get hit by them but there are big nets under the platforms so, you will not have to worry about dying if you fall. You’ll have to go to the ladder and climb the ladder and start the wind fans area from the start or any near platform.

For the first wind fan, just jump from the right side to the other side while timing the speed of the spinning fans. For the second wind fan, you have to crouch when the fan spins away from your head, jump over the small fence and crouch again then walk to the end of the platform and wait for the perfect time and jump to the other platform. For the third wind fan, you’ll have to jump twice over the fans then crouch from the fan above, and then jump again and reach the corner on the left side of the platform. Go ahead and turn right, you have to crouch and walk to get to the other platform. For the next wind fan, just jump over it to the next platform and walk towards the next wind fan. For this wind fan, you need to time your jump or you’ll get pushed down. You need to crouch down before you jump because if you stand, the fans will push you down. When you are ready to jump, stand up and jump to the other side of the platform. For the last wind fan, you need to get up the boxes and crouch down then you need to jump over again and reach the other side of the boxes.

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