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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get to Utopia



Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get to Utopia

In Raft Chapter 3, there are new locations added to the game that players can explore. The final location of chapter 3 is Utopia. Players will need to follow through the story of chapter 3 and follow the directions they get on each location to reach the last location.

In this guide, we tell you how to get to Utopia.

How to Get to Utopia

Getting to Utopia follows the same procedure as other islands, you have to get the exact coordinates of Utopia in order to reach the place. Utopia is the last location so you’ll get its coordinates from the previous location than Utopia. So, you have to complete the Temperance Island in order to get the coordinates of Utopia.

You’ll find the coordinates for Utopia in the Reactor room of the Selene Reactor Facility at Temperance Island. You have to solve two puzzles in order to open the Reactor Room door and then you need to stabilize the main reactor of the facility. Then a big door will open in which you will find the note for Utopia and you’ll get the coordinates of Utopia that you can enter on your Receiver to see the exact location.

After getting the location of Utopia, go back to your raft and enter the coordinates on the receiver and keep going in that direction. Make sure that you have food and water for your journey because it will take some time to reach there. Once you are close to the location, you’ll see some sort of a city which is Utopia. Down the anchor of your raft and get ready to explore the last location of Chapter 3.

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