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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get Utopia Location Coordinates



Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Get Utopia Location Coordinates

Raft’s new chapter includes new locations to be discovered and after the Varuna Point, players will head to the next location which will be Temperance Island. Temperance Island is a snow island that is pretty big and there are a lot of things to explore. Players will need to explore and find the next location coordinates in order to progress the story.

In this guide, we tell you how to get the Utopia Location Coordinates.

How to Get Utopia Location Coordinates

The players will explore Temperance Island and will go to the Selene Reactor Facility in which they have to solve a couple of puzzles to get the Reactor Room key. After they have got the Reactor Key, players will enter the reactor room by using the key. Then they have to turn three valves to open the door in front. There will be Beatles enemies in that room so make sure to take them out before you turn all the valves.

After turning all three valves, the door will open and there’ll be snow in that room and freezing ice. Enter the next room and the whole room will be frozen. You’ll see some objects in front so, approach and you’ll find the next location note which will be Utopia. There’ll also be 3 Vending Machine Coins, a Briefcase full of resources, and an Electric Smelter Blueprint.

How to Get Utopia Location Coordinates

There’ll be also a computer in the room which you can access, access the computer, and Shogo character will appear in the frozen glass and you’ll open the character and his outfit.

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