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Raft: The Final Chapter: How to Solve Stars Puzzle and Get Selene Key



Raft: How to Solve Stars Puzzle and Get Selene Key

Raft’s new chapter includes new locations to be discovered and after the Varuna Point, players will head to the next location which will be Temperance Island. Temperance Island is a snow island that is pretty big and there are a lot of things to explore.

In this guide, we tell you how to solve Stars Puzzle and get the Selene Reactor Facility key.

Solving the Stars Puzzle

After clearing the village, you’ll make your way to the observatory but as you pass the fences, snow will break and you’ll make your way into the observatory from under it. You’ll have to swim and take a ladder up to the inside of the observatory. You’ll find a Note in the main room of the observatory. It’ll be the Hook Shape which will be one of the shapes for the puzzle. Then make your way up to the stairs and you’ll get another note, a fish-looking shape. Then go to the third floor and you’ll see a screen which will show you stars in the sky. You can move the telescope in all four directions, showing different shapes. There’ll be another not on the left side of the machine on a pole. It’ll be a Boat shape. For the last shape, head up the ladder and go around on the platform and you’ll find a bird shape.

Raft: How to Solve Stars Puzzle and Get Selene Key

Now after getting all four shapes for the puzzle, head down to the machine and you need to look at them in the order. The bird will be the first, the fish will be the second, Hook will be the third, and Boat will be the fourth. Use the buttons on the machine to look for the Bird and when you find it, count its stars. Then you need to enter the stars of the first shape on the safe on the left side of the machine. Then you need to do the same with other shapes in order. The code that the shapes will make is 5964. After entering this code, the safe will open.

Raft: How to Solve Stars Puzzle and Get Selene Key

Selene Key

Once you open the safe in the Observatory, you’ll get the Selene Key along with Advanced Stationary Anchor Blueprint and 3x Vending machine Tokens. You can use these tokens at the main Dome of the Igloo Village.

Selene Key

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