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Rainbow Six Extraction: Everything about Crossplay, co-op, and split-screen



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Is there crossplay in Rainbow Six Extraction so that you can play together with friends on other platforms? And what about co-op or split-screen modes? You can find out everything about the multiplayer of the horde shooter here.

Crossplay and cross-save in Rainbow Six Extraction

Although you can play the horde shooter alone, the focus is clearly on an exciting multiplayer experience. That’s why we have good news for everyone who likes to play with friends: There is crossplay between all platforms, cross-save, and cross-progression are also active. You can, for example, take your progress on the PC with you to the console when you switch platforms.

You can even transfer saves from old consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One to the new generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X. Various PC launchers such as Ubisoft Connect or cloud streaming services are also linked. So there are no limits to you if you want to cross-play with friends on other platforms.

Playing co-op with friends on the couch?

The dream of every friendship: sitting comfortably together on the couch and playing in co-op. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Rainbow Six Extraction. There is an online co-op, but unfortunately, you cannot play together on one console. There is therefore no split-screen either.

You can even play the campaign missions online with three people in co-op. In a team of three operators, you can either invite friends or you can join an existing lobby and play with other players.

Is there a solo mode?

Although the horde shooter is designed for team play consisting of three players, you can still play the missions alone or offline. As a subscriber to the Xbox Game Pass, you can be particularly happy, because from its release on January 20, 2022, you can play the shooter with your subscription.

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