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Remnant 2 – How to Defeat Root Mantis



Remnant 2: Root Mantis

Root Mantis is the very first boss of Remnant 2 that players will get to encounter at the end of their tutorial. This boss fight is not that hard in terms of future bosses that players will get to encounter in their playthrough. It is one of the weakest bosses who will only give an experience to the players to understand how the future boss fights in the game can take place. The players who are familiar with difficult games would find this boss easy but the players who are new to the Remnant series and don’t know how to deal with tough enemies/bosses can lose sweat over this boss.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Root Mantis in Remnant 2.

How to Defeat Root Mantis in Remnant 2

While playing through the tutorial of the game, players will get to meet 2 random NPCs who will join the player’s squad and help players to get to the location known as Ward. Before players can get to Ward, they will get to encounter Root Mantis, a giant Mantis enemy. Root Mantis is similar to the weak Mantis enemies which are encountered at the start of the tutorial. However, it would deal way much more damage and have higher mobility.

Root Mantis is an aggressive boss and it will push the players while swinging its root on top of them to deal damage. At this point, players need to dodge out of the way. Root Mantis will also do a jump attack if the players stay too close to it. It will jump and stomp on the ground to deal AoE damage so try to maintain a distance and shoot from a distance to deal damage. Another attack of Root Mantis is that it will throw roots from a distance but it can be dodged if players press the dodge button at the perfect moment.

Other than that, the boss is not difficult and the easiest way to tackle this boss is by following these key steps to defeat Root Mantis.

  • Stay at a safe distance from Root Mantis and focus on shooting the glowing spot on the front side of the boss.
  • Avoid using the Melee attacks against this boss due to the AoE attack of the boss.
  • Reposition according to Root Mantis. If it starts coming toward your side, move to the other side, and in the meantime, let the NPCs take care of Root Mantis.

Repeat these steps in the fight to quickly take down Root Mantis without even going down. If somehow players’ health gets depleted, they will be downed and they will have to wait for one of the NPCs to revive them. 

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