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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get the Church Key



Church Key

The Church Key is a key item in Resident Evil 4 Remake which is necessary to unlock the main gate of the church to find Ashley. Players will not be able to get inside the Church without the special Church Key. As players progress through the game and reach Chapter 4 of the game, they will find the Key inside the Mural Cave but the key will be safe with a unique lock. You will have to find a way to unlock the lock to get the Church Key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Church Key in resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting Church Key

Once you have interacted with the Church Key inside the Mural Cave, you will see two hands on each side of the Church Key. You will have to place a Head on each hand to unlock the lock of the Church Key. After examining the cave, go to the right side and you will see the map of the lake with two marked signs. Your map will be updated and you will have to go to two different locations to get the Heads. Go out of the cave and there will be a boat that you can take to both of the locations.

1st Location from Mural (Apostate’s Head)

The very first location from Mural is on the left side of the Boat House Location. When you get on the boat, go to the left side to reach the dock. You will reach the Large Shrine location and you need to go ahead on the path to reach the chamber with the Apostate’s Head. You will get encountered by enemies on the way so, clear the area from the enemies and go up the ladder to reach the chamber.

You will see a closed Metal Door and outside a metal door, there will be a console with symbols. You need to press three required symbols on the console to unlock the chamber. Now there will be yellow symbols on different walls around the location. You can look at the symbols by going around the area and noticing three different symbols. Once you have an idea of the symbols, you need to go to the console and press the following buttons shown in the image.

Apostate's Head Symbol Code

After pressing the buttons, the door will unlock and you will be able to get the Apostate’s Head.

2nd Location from Mural (Blasphemer’s Head)

The second location from Mural is on the North side of the Village. You will have to cross the Lake and enter the small cave on the Northeast side of the lake. Dock the boat and go inside the small cabin to see the chamber. Now, there will be also yellow symbols around the cave. Look at the walls of the cave as well as the walls of the cabin to see the yellow symbols. You can also go up the cabin from the left side.

After noticing all the Yellow Symbols, come down to the console and enter the following symbols shown in the image.

Blasphemer's Head Symbol Code

Once you have obtained the Apostate’s Head and Blasphemer’s Head, you need to go back to the Mural Cave. Now, interact with each Hand to place the respected Head on them. By placing the Heads, the lock will unlock and you will get the Church Key.

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