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Resident Evil Village map reveals new locations



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The map included with the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil Village gives us clues about some of the locations that we will visit in this new installment of the survival horror saga.

After the Resident Evil Showcase, held last night, we continue to receive news about Resident Evil Village, the long-awaited new installment of Capcom’s survival horror saga that will be released on both PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to revealing its release date or the Maiden demo for PS5, during the program we learned about the different editions and pre-order incentives of Resident Evil Village: standard, deluxe, collectors, and a complete set that includes REVII and REVIII, perfect for those who did not play the previous installment.

Interestingly, one of the ” goodies ” included with the collector’s edition of Resident Evil Village offers us new details about the locations we will visit … And the scale of the game. For now, two have been officially unveiled: the village, located in Eastern Europe, and the castle, home to Lady Dimitrescu (also known as the tall lady) and her daughters. But it seems there will be quite a few more.

As we imagine that many of you prefer to discover them on your own (or wait for Capcom to unveil them officially), we give you a small opportunity to stop reading now. Otherwise, after the new Resident Evil 8 Village trailer, you will find all the information.

The map included with the collector’s edition of Resident Evil Village highlights four locations:

  • Castle Dimitrescu
  • House Beneviento
  • Heisenberg’s Factory
  • Moreau’s Reservoir

Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that Heisenberg, Lady Dimitrescu’s brother, has his own zone. It seems that as the last trailer suggests, this mysterious character will have great importance in the plot. In addition to these four locations, more labeled places can be seen on the map, although the size of the font makes it difficult to clearly know their name.

What can be clearly appreciated is a kind of colossal creature in the middle of a lake, and since Resident Evil Village is full of details reminiscent of Resident Evil 4 , it is impossible not to think of Del Lago, one of the bosses to those we faced in Leon’s adventure in rural Spain. We leave you the map of Resident Evil Village below for you to examine in detail.

And that’s it, if you see something that has not escaped the map, tell us in the comments. And if you want to know more, we leave you 10 details that may have gone unnoticed from Resident Evil Village.

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