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Return To Monkey Island: How to Get Eyepatch for Disguise



Return To Monkey Island: How to Get Eyepatch for Disguise

Return to Monkey Island is a Point and Click Adventure game filled with a lot of creative puzzles. As the first chapter begins, you’ll have to find a way to set sail for Monkey Island on LeChuck’s Ship but the quartermaster will recognize you from the Blacklist so, you’ll have to get a disguise to get on the ship.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Eyepatch for Disguise in Return to Monkey Island.

Getting the Eyepatch for Disguise

The Quartermaster will not let you on the ship because LeChuck has given her a Blacklist in which your portrait is drawn. So, you’ll need to find a disguise to fool the Quartermaster and get on board. In order to get the disguise, you need to get the Eyepatch from the Museum in the Forest. Go to the Museum and ask about the history of the eyepatch and then go to the Storeroom of the Museum. You’ll find Parrot Crackers in the Storeroom. Take the crackers and you’ll also need to get 2 magnifiers to read the serial number of the lock in which the Eyepatch is kept.

Now, go to Low Street and go inside Wally’s Shop. Pick up the Magnifier from his table. If you have already picked up the magnifier then there’ll be another magnifier in the same place. Grab it again and you’ll have two magnifiers. If you haven’t grabbed it before then grab the magnifier and come back later to Wally’s Shop to grab another magnifier. After getting two magnifiers, combine the magnifiers to read the small serial number of the lock. Go back to the museum and use the magnifiers on the lock to note down the serial code.

Getting the Eyepatch for Disguise

Now, go to Locksmith’s Shop on High Street and give him the serial code of the lock and Parrot Crackers. He’ll give you the key and crackers. Take the items and go back to the Museum. Feed the Crackers to the Parrot and then use the key on the lock to get the Eyepatch. This eyepatch has dark magic but the magic will be long gone from it. Take the Eyepatch to Corina and she’ll tell you that you need to get the Bite of a thousand needles and she’ll charge up its dark magic that will help you disguise.

Return To Monkey Island: How to Get Eyepatch for Disguise

Now, go to the Dark Forest and at the start of the dark forest, you’ll see a mysterious plant on the left side. Use the Knife on the plant to get a sample of the Carnivorous Plant. Now, make your way back to Corina and give her the Eyepatch and the sample of the plant to charge up the dark magic of the Eyepatch. The Dark Magic will turn you into a zombie and you’ll not be recognized by the quartermaster at the docks.

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