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Return to Monkey Island: How to Make the Mop



Return to Monkey Island: How to Make the Mop

Return to Monkey Island is a Point and Click Adventure game filled with a lot of creative puzzles. As the first chapter begins, you’ll have to find a way to set sail for Monkey Island on LeChuck’s Ship which will require you to get a Mop for the job on the ship.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make the Mop in Return to Monkey Island.

Making the Mop

The Quartermaster at the docks is looking for a swabbie that has his own Mop and to get the job on Lechuck’s Ship, you’ll need to make a Mop. Go to the Scumm Bar and go inside the kitchen in the back. You’ll meet the Cook and he’ll tell you that you have to make a Mop by yourself and you can’t just buy a Mop. He’ll tell you that the most important item for a Mop is its Handle which is made of a special Wood. For the head of the Mop, you can use anything. He’ll not tell you anything about the wood and he is also keeping an eye on his Mop so, you cannot steal it either.

Getting the String for the Head of the Mop

There’ll be a door on the right side of the kitchen. Go outside of that door and you’ll find a Tangled String which has been used for docking a boat. Pick up the string and it’ll be used as the Head of the Mop.

Getting the Handle of the Mop

You’ll need to identify the wood of the handle in order to get the handle. Wally will be able to create you a map of the wood but you’ll need to get him a sample of the handle. In order to get the sample of the wood, you need to go to Corina at the International House of Mojo on Low Street. Buy a Knife and a Forgiveness Frog from her. Then you need to go to Governor’s Mansion and meet Carla. Write an apology to Carla for not returning her previous book on the frog. You can do that by opening the inventory and then dragging the pen on the Frog. You’ll get the dialogues on your screen and you need to choose the dialogues that concern her book. After that, give her the frog and she’ll forgive you. Click on the books to take the Cookbook and she’ll let you keep the book.

Getting the Handle of the Mop

Now, return to cook in the Scumm Bar and give him the Cookbook. He’ll get excited and start looking at the Cookbook. Open your Inventory and use the Knife on his Mop to get the sample of the wood. After that, go to Wally’s Shop on Low Street and give him the Wood Sample. He’ll make you the map where you can find this wood. Go to the Dark Forest and open the map that Wally gave you. Now, follow the map and make your way to the tree and then use your knife on the tree to make the handle of the Mop.

Return to Monkey Island: How to Make the Mop

Once you’ve made the handle, open your inventory and place the String on the Handle to complete the Mop.

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