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Return to Monkey Island: “Prelude” Walkthrough



Return to Monkey Island: "Prelude" Walkthrough

Return to Monkey Island is the new edition in the Monkey Island series. It is a Point and Click Adventure game in which you get to solve puzzles as you follow through the story of the game. Starting the new game will take you to the Prelude of the game.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Prelude of Return to Monkey Island.

Prelude – An Unexpected Story Begins

You and your friend named Chuckie will be playing the Pirate role in the Carnival and they’ll be having so much fun. Both of them will start to follow random grown-ups pretending that they are their parents. After that, Chuckie will say that he saw Scurvydog Shack back there and it is the best thing that you’ll ever eat. Click on the door of the red shack and you’ll go inside the shop. Press Left Click or Right Click to wake up the shopkeeper and he’ll say that a couple of Scurvydogs will cost a Piece of Eight.

Chuckie will tell you to look for the change in the Outhouse across the way. Go outside of the shop and click on the Outhouse door but the door will be closed and it will require a key to unlock. Go back to the Scurvydog Shack and pick up the Outhouse Key from the handle near the window. Now, go back and click on the inventory bag on the bottom left corner of your screen and then drag the Outhouse Key on the Outhouse door to unlock the door and go inside. There’ll be a round piece of metal called a slug on the floor. Pick up the Slug and exit the Outhouse and go to Scurvydog shack. Open the inventory and place the key back on the handle.

Open the Inventory and drag the slug on the shopkeeper to give the Piece of Eight to him. He’ll give you two Scurvydogs in return. Both of them will come out of the shack and Chuckie will eat his scurvydog. Now, go to the right side and you’ll meet Chuckie’s friend named Dee. She’ll take your Jr. Mighty Pirate’s TODO List and add some new activities to it. You can check the activities by opening the inventory and clicking on the list. You’ll have to do the following activities.

  • Check Out the Anchor
  • Beat Chuckie in a Race
  • Feed the Duck
  • Add some Sauce to my Scurvydog
  • Practice Swordfighting
  • Find a Four-Leaf Clover
  • Make a Wish at the Wishing Well
  • Find our Real Parents

Dee will be standing right next to an Anchor, Left Click on the Dee, and Dee will tell you the whole history of the Anchor. After Dee has finished telling you about the Anchors, go to the right side and there’ll be a starting line of the race. Left-click on the starting line to Challenge Chuckie. You’ll beat Chuckie in the race. Go forward and you’ll see a pirate ship on the right side. Click on it to practice the Swordfighting with Chuckie. Come down the path and you’ll find the ketchup on the path. Pick up the Ketchup and then open the Inventory and drag the Ketchup on your Scurvydog.

Return to Monkey Island: "Prelude" Walkthrough

Go towards the Four-Leaf Clover Sign and you’ll find a Four-Leaf Clover in the grass next to the sign. Pick up the Four-Leaf Clover and then give it to the duck in the pond. Now go back to the right side and you’ll find a coin next to the Wishing Well. Open the Inventory and drag the coin into the Wishing Well and you’ll get several choices. Choose anyone to make a wish. Now, all of your activities will be completed and only the last one will remain which will be to find our real parents.

Open the purple gate of the park and then head to the right side and you’ll meet your father. Your father will start to tell you a story about the Monkey Island and then Prelude will end.

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