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Return to Monkey Island: Part 1: A Friendly Place- Walkthrough



Return to Monkey Island: Part 1: A Friendly Place- Walkthrough

Guybrush Threepwood will be telling the story of Monkey Island to his son and the first part of the game will start.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 1st Part of Return to Monkey Island.

Part 1: A Friendly Place

Guybrush will return to Melee Island and talk with a guy about LeChuck. You’ll need to talk with the guy about LeChuck by selecting all the dialogues one by one on the screen. The guy will tell you that he is getting ready at the Outer Dock and you’ll need to talk to the Pirate Leaders at the Scumm Bar. After the dialogues, click on the stair to head down to the docks. Go along the path and you’ll see the Scumm Bar. Go inside the Bar and ask for the Pirate Leaders. Go to the back of the Bar and you’ll see three pirates on the table. Talk with the Pirates with the dialogues on the screen and they’ll make fun of you for not having a ship and crew. Leave the Scumm Bar after talking to the Pirate Leaders and head to Low Street.

You’ll meet Elaine and ask her about her Prevention Project. After talking to her, you need to meet Corina at the International House of Mojo. Go inside the place and talk with her. She’ll give you a book of hints that’ll help you along your journey to Monkey Island. Come out of the place and make your way to the High Street. Go inside the Jail and you’ll meet Otis and Stan. Talk to Otis and Stan one by one and ask them if they want to join your crew on the adventure of finding the Monkey Island. Otis will be ready to join you but you have to free him from the cell.

Return to Monkey Island: Part 1: A Friendly Place- Walkthrough

After talking to them, you can visit the Locksmith’s Shop across from the Jail. He can make any key but he will require the serial number of the lock to make the key. He’ll not lend you anything from his shop. After visiting his shop, go ahead towards the Governor’s Mansion. Go inside the Mansion and you’ll meet Carla. After talking to Carla, leave the mansion and take the back way into the Island’s Interior. Go to the Docks and talk to the recruitment Pirate on the LeChuck’s Pirate Ship. Apply for a job at the ship but she will recognize you from the blacklist that LeChuck gave her.

Go back to the Scumm Bar and go to the Kitchen at the back. Talk with the cook and you’ll see a Mop in the Kitchen. Ask him about the Mop and he’ll tell you to make the Mop by yourself. Go outside of the door and grab the string and then go out of the Scumm Bar. Make your way to the Low Street again and buy a Knife and Forgiveness Frog from Corina. Now visit Wally’s Shop and grab the Magnifier from his desk. Come out of his shop and go to Jail. Use the Magnifier on Otis’s cell to read and note down the serial number. Go to the Locksmith and give her the serial number and she’ll make you a key for the cell. Use the key on the cell and free Otis.

Go to Governor’s Mansion and write a apologize message for Carla on the frog about the book. Give the frog to Carla and she’ll let you borrow the book. Bring the book back to the cook in the Scumm Bar and while he is looking at the book, use the knife on the Mop to get the wood type. Now, go to Wally’s Shop and give him the wood, he’ll draw you the map for the wood. Go to the back way into Island’s Interior and go to the forest. Go to the dark forest area and follow the map that Wally gave you. You’ll reach the tree that is used to make the handle for the Mop. Use the knife on the tree to make yourself a handle. Come out of the dark forest and attach a String on the Handle to make a Mop.

Return to Monkey Island: Part 1: A Friendly Place- Walkthrough

Now visit the Museum in the Forest and ask about the things in the museum. You’ll want to get an eyepatch on the display as it is the most-worthy item. Go into the storage of the museum and pick up the cracker pack. Now, make your way to Wally’s shop and grab another magnifier from the same place and return to the Museum. Combine both of the magnifiers and use them on the lock of the eyepatch to note down the serial number. Now, come to Locksmith’s shop and give her the serial number of the eyepatch for the key and Cracker Pack for the crackers. Take both of the items and go to the museum. Use the crackers on the parrot sitting on the side of the eyepatch lock and then use the key on the lock to get the eyepatch.

Return to Monkey Island: Part 1: A Friendly Place- Walkthrough

Now, go to the Dark Forest and at the start of the dark forest, you’ll see a mysterious plant on the left side. Use the Knife on the plant to get a sample of the Carnivorous Plant. Now, make your way to Corina and give her the Eyepatch and the sample of the plant to charge up the dark magic of the Eyepatch. Now, you’ll be ready to set sail on LeChuck’s Ship. Go to the docks and put on the eyepatch before talking to the quartermaster. Talk to the quartermaster and show her the Mop and she’ll let you on the ship.

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