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Ruined King: Combat Guide – Everything You Need To Know



Ruined King: Combat Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Today we bring you a combat guide for Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, the most recent novelty from Riot Games that is hooking both lovers of its famous MOBA, and fans of RPGs.

Fighting system

Ruined King is a classic RPG game, with turn-based combat, a system of levels and abilities, different characters, and different environments to go through as we progress through its interesting story.

That said, there are several elements that we must understand to achieve our best performance in these battles, so let’s start from the most basic to the most complex.

The basics

Luchador Hud

In the lower-left corner of your screen, you will be able to see all the information related to your team. Each character will be represented by a representative image, as well as the different statistics:

  • Experience
  • Health
  • Manna
  • Advantages and disadvantages


In the upper left corner of each HUD, you will see a number that indicates the character’s level. It should be mentioned that the maximum level you can reach is 30.

Health and Mana

Of course, you can also keep an eye on the health and mana levels of your different characters.

Advanced elements


In addition to mana, Overload will also allow you to cast special abilities. Basically, this is a stat that is loaded with each instant attack you execute and that will allow you to save mana if you use it wisely.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in many RPGs, there are effects on combat that can help or harm the characters. Be careful because an advantage over your allies could also benefit your enemies.

Ultimate Charger

One of the most popular aspects of League of Legends is the ultimate abilities. In Ruined King they are also present and you can execute them achieving synergies between your fighters, and you will see the progress of their preparation in this striking bar.

Initiative bar

Possibly one of the most relevant aspects of the game is the Initiative Bar. Here you can see the order in which the characters attack , which will be crucial in developing your strategies.


Combat lanes

Within the initiative bar there are 3 combat lanes :

  • That of speed you can attack before, but with less damage.
  • The standard you can attack standard.
  • That of power you can attack more damage, but much slower.

Instant abilities

Instant abilities are like basic attacks in that they consume no mana and run without requiring setup times.

Line skills

Line skills have a much greater impact on the development of battles, although they will cost you mana or Overload points. They will also take longer to run.

Ultimate skills

Ultimate skills require certain conditions before they can be executed, but they are a trump card for your team.

Other aspects to consider


In the bag, we will have at our disposal consumables that will offer mana recovery, health, and temporary improvements to the attributes of our characters.

Combat speed

If you want to see the action move faster, simply adjust the speed with the button that the game itself points to.

Inspection mode

On the fighter HUD, you will see this option. With it you will be able to review the statistics, abilities, advantages, and disadvantages of all the participants in the battle, something essential to plan effective combat strategies.

Multi-wave battles

Sometimes you will see enemies with a distinctive mark before entering combat. These will subject you to multi-wave battles, in which you will have to take out various groups of enemies.

Avoid fighting

Of course, you will also have the opportunity to avoid battles and flee when you do not feel in a position to achieve a victory.

We hope that this Ruined King combat guide has been useful for you and that you can enjoy this video game to the fullest.

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