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Rune Factory 5: Learning Recipes for all Crafts



Rune Factory 5: Learning Recipes for all Crafts

In Rune Factory 5 there are a lot of recipes for all kinds of crafting. You can learn recipes by finding a particular bread for that recipe. As an example: Weapon Bread. The type of bread that you eat is for the particular recipes and you can learn them. If you can’t learn the recipe from eating the recipe bread, it means on your current level you have all the recipes for that craft. So, in order to learn the recipe of that craft, you have to level up that craft so you can learn more recipes for that craft. But you won’t lose any bread if you can’t learn the recipe. So, you can level up the craft and use the bread again and you’ll be able to learn the recipe.

Buy the Recipe Bread

You can buy the recipes bread daily but there is a limit to that you can buy only two per day. You can buy it from Yuki at the bakery store. But if you want to buy more bread you can upgrade the shops where you can get bread from. You can do it by going to Studio Palmo. You’ll be needing Gold, Stone, Lumber, and SEED points for upgrading the shops.

Rune Factory 5: Learning Recipes for all Crafts


As for the limits, the first bread that you will buy is for the 180g and the second bread that you will buy on the same day will cost you 250g. So, you have to make enough in a day to purchase the bread to learn the recipes faster and upgrade the crafts. You can also get multiple recipes from the bread so it won’t take long to learn all the recipes. Bu you would have to upgrade the craft so you can learn more recipes at that level.

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