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Rune Factory 5: How to Capture and Recruit the Monsters



Rune Factory 5: How to Capture and Recruit the Monsters

Capture Monsters

Talk to Captain Livia about the monsters that you want to capture and they’ll be added to your request list. Choose a monster from the request list and then go to the location of the monster which is given on the request list. After going to the location look for the monster that has a red aura around them.

Now to capture the monster go near him and hold down the button that you use to stun with until you see a red crosshair don’t let go of the button early or you wouldn’t capture it. Hold the button and wait for the red crosshair and then focus on the monster and you will capture him. Now you can take them back to Captain Livia and claim your reward but if you’re having trouble, you can attack the monster and get his health low.

Recruit Monsters

Now if you want to recruit a monster and that he will follow you, you have to tame the monster first. Now it’s very easy and simple to tame the monsters, First step that you can do is brush them that you will get at the very beginning of the game or you can buy it from the general store. You can tame the monsters by giving them a simple gift like herbs, grass, etc. But most of all the monsters like the stuff that they will drop on the ground. Just pick up the dropped thing by the monster and give them back. In a couple of tries, the Heart symbol will appear on their head and the Success will be shown above their head meaning that you have successfully tamed the monster. After this just pick a name for your monster and the monster is recruited.

How to Move Monsters between Barns

There are five farm dragons and you can have two barns per farm dragon, if you expand the barn to its full capacity there will be five rooms in the barn and you can have up to four monsters per room. By roughly you can actually have 200 monsters in this game. If you want to choose in which room of which barn your monster going to be, just talk to them and choose to follow you and go into the specific room and talk to them again and choose the option to send them back to the barn or shed. Since you are in that shed that monster will stay in that room. You can manage all your monsters in this way and keep the same type of monsters in one room.

How to Move Monsters between Barns

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