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Rune Factory 5: All Outfits



Rune Factory 5: All Outfits

Rune Factory has a great number of outfits for both main characters Ares and Alice. Like all other Anime Video Games, Outfits have always been an important part of the Rune franchise. At the start of the game both your characters, Ares and Alice will receive three outfits each by default. These are the following default outfits when you start the game.

  • SEED ranger uniform Outfit
  • Casual Outfit
  • Swimsuit Outfit
  • Azel Outfit
  • Sonia Outfit

You can buy more outfits in-game using Yuki and Randolph’s shops by using your in-game Gold currency. They sell casual outfits and also better outfits like Magician outfits, Armored Knight outfits, and Aristocratic outfits.

Changing Outfits and Wardrobe

You will be able to get and change your outfits when you complete the intro of the game. You will find a Wardrobe in your room. You can use the Wardrobe to change your outfits. Select change outfits and then select for which character you want to change the outfit and then select your outfit.

Wardrobes are breakable and if your Wardrobe gets broken, you would have to purchase a new wardrobe from the carpenter. The wardrobe requires 3000 Gold, 50 Woods, and 20 stones to craft.

Paid Outfits from Limited Editions of Rune Factory 5

There are a lot of bonus outfits that you get when you get the Digital Deluxe edition and Earthmate Edition of Rune Factory 5. They also include outfits inspired by Rune Factory 4’s bachelors and bachelorettes. You will get many skins as DLC bonuses. You cannot buy these items in-store; these are only available if you’ve bought special editions for Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5: All Outfits

Here is a list of all the skins you will get by different limited editions of Rune Factory 5.

  • Vishnal’s Outfit
  • Clorica’s Outfit
  • Kiel’s Outfit
  • Doug’s Outfit
  • Amber’s Outfit
  • Leon’s Outfit
  • Dolce’s Outfit
  • Pico’s Outfit
  • Forte’s Outfit
  • Arthur’s Outfit
  • Margaret’s Outfit
  • Xiao Pai’s Outfit
  • Dyla’s Outfit

DLC Outfits

There are many outfits also that you can buy as DLC. Rune Factory Series Outfit Set can be purchased as a DLC which includes the following items.

Outfits for Ares:

  • Raguan Outfit
  • Kyle Outfit
  • Micah Outfit

Outfits for Alice:

  • Mist Outfit
  • Mana Outfit
  • Shara Outfit

Swimsuits DLC

There are five Swimsuits DLC available for now and the 6th DLC, the Holy Knight, and the Bibliophile Swimsuit set will be available on 26th April 2022.

Swimsuits DLC

Bonus Outfits if you have Rune Factory 4 Special on your switch

You can get this special Bonus outfit from Rune Factory 4 Special if you own the game and have it on your Nintendo Switch. You’ll get the outfits of the main Characters from RF4 in Rune Factory 5.

  • Lest’s Outfit for Ares
  • Frey’s Outfit for Alice

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