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Rune Factory 5: Marriage Candidates: Bachelors & Bachelorette Characters



Rune Factory 5: Marriage Candidates: Bachelors & Bachelorette Characters

In Rune Factory 5 you can marry any Bachelors or Bachelorette character. There are 6 male and 6 female characters that you can date and marry in this game. These characters are Bachelors and Bachelorette. At the beginning of the game, you choose your character between Ares and Alice but you can marry any character from the bachelors and bachelorette characters. As this game has same-sex marriage so you can choose any character from the candidates.

There is an easy way to recognize the characters that you can marry as they have a special anime cutscene for the first time you meet them. All the characters of Bachelor and Bachelorette have a cutscene when your character meets them.

Bachelor Characters

  • Martin

Martin is a blacksmith in Rigbarth and our character interacts most with him in this game. As he explains to us how to forge items at the very beginning of the game also. You also visit him many times about the crafting. He is cool and a shy person who is always focused on his work. He is also the elder brother of Cecil.

Martin rune factory 5
  • Cecil

Cecil is the younger brother of Martin the blacksmith. He wants to find out what happened to their parents so he wants to become a detective. He’s a pretty funny character.

Cecil rune factory 5
  • Reinhard

Reinhard is a knight who has pledged his allegiance to the kingdom in Norad. He is a bodyguard of Beatrice and he will only move to Rigbarth with Beatrice in the main story.

Reinhard rune factory 5
  • Murakumo

Murakumo is the owner of the inn and baths in Rigbarth where you’ll go very often to restore your HP and RP. Murakumo has a loveable personality and he loves to amuse people with his personality, he often asks for your advice to better the Inn.

Murakumo rune factory 5
  • Ryuka

Ryuka is a young apprentice carpenter in Rigbarth. He’s a very dexterous and nimble person. During the day he appears to be absent-minded but at night time he shows a much cooler and more serious side of himself.

Ryuka rune factory 5
  • Lucas

Lucas is suffering from amnesia and you’ll meet him in Rigbarth one day. Due to amnesia he keeps a notebook on him and records anything interesting that happens to him just in case he ever forgets again. Although he lost his memory and he still remembers something from his previous life.

Lucas rune factory 5

These 6 were the male candidates for the marriage. Now we look into the female candidates for the marriage.

Bachelorette Characters

  • Priscilla

Priscilla is born and raised in Rigbarth. She is a very bright and cheerful girl. Something interesting about her is that she is actually afraid to leave Rigbarth. But she’s working at an outpost of Rigbarth to overcome this fear.

Priscilla rune factory 5
  • Scarlett

Scarlett is a half-elf and a member of SEED the group of peacekeeping rangers that you’re part of. She will appear in Rigbarth after certain events in the main story.

Scarlett rune factory
  • Lucy

Lucy is Priscilla’s childhood friend and always keeps an eye on her that she stays out of trouble and keeps her safe. Lucy is a very competitive person and she hates to lose and will always challenge the protagonist to various contests.

Lucy rune factory 5
  • Fuuka

Fuuka is a were-animal girl that has traveled to many different lands before arriving at Rigbarth. Fuuka doesn’t know how to read and write in the human language yet. Due to being such an honest person she can tell when she’s being lied to.

  • Ludmila

Ludmila is a succubus who lives for love. She’s pretty selfish and she loves to procrastinate, interestingly enough she is obsessed with you the main character. Being a succubus she used to make other people unhappy and because of this, there’s a divide between her and the rest of the townsfolk.

Ludmila rune factory
  • Beatrice

Beatrice is a young noblewoman it looks like who seems to have some association to the kingdom of the Norad but she keeps her identity hidden. She has different talents including playing musical instruments and riding monsters.

Beatrice rune factory 5

These were the 6 Females candidates for marriage.

You can select any one of all the 12 candidates to marry your main character of the game.

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