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Rune Factory 5: How to level up your Skills



Rune Factory 5: How to level up your Skills

In this game, there are so many different skills and they all are very useful. Most of them are pretty straightforward and they’ll increase naturally just by playing the game. However, there are some skills that you might want to increase a little bit more than other skills. For example, some skills are necessary in order to learn the new crafting recipes and other skills will boost certain stats that you might find important.

Double Up skills Experience

To double up your skills experience you need to craft an item name, Heart Pendant. It’s a level 40 recipe. To craft it you need a couple of things, First, you need a Silver Pendant it’s a level 20 recipe and you just need silver for it. You can get the silver from the location that is shown in the image.

Rune Factory 5: How to level up your Skills

Now the second thing that you need is a bit tricky and that is Love Crystal. So, there are two ways to get the Love Crystal, you can get it from the pixies and they appear in the dungeon called Eternal Darkness on the second floor you are going to see these red fairies (the pixies) and they have a slim chance of dropping these Love Crystal.

The other way to get it is from Heinz so if your friendship with Heinz is level 5 or above if you speak with him on your birthday, he is going to give you a Love Crystal. After getting these two items you can craft the Heart Pendant to double up your Skills Experience which is going to help you increase your skills faster.

Weapon Skills

There are so many types of weapons in Rune Factory 5 and they all have their own skills. So, there are 100 swords, 200 spears, axe, hammers, Jaw swords, as well as fists. You can focus on one thing to level up but it’s very useful to level up everything because it will increase your maximum RP. All the skills will increase while you fight with the monsters with the specific weapon type but you should level up all of the weapons to increase the maximum RP. There is one thing that you can do to level up these skills extremely fast and that is with these Punching bags.

Rune Factory 5: How to level up your Skills

You can buy these at Studio Palmo and for maximum efficiency, you should use nine of them. You have to buy them one by one they’re 8000g each so if you don’t have enough credits you can start with fewer punching bags. Just lock on the punching bag and hit it with the weapon type that you want to increase the skill of. So, the hit will hit all the 9 punching bags giving you maximum experience.

Elemental Skills

There is also a staff in the weapons but its skill depends on elemental skill so you have to increase your elemental skill. To increase this skill just use your staff on the punching bags and it will increase. You can use your magic abilities also to increase the elemental skill. You can use your magic randomly on anything even on walls, it will give you the same experience.

Throwing Skill

The throwing skill can be leveled up easily and it will increase your strength, your vitality, and also the amount of damage you do when throwing items. You can just throw your crops into the shipping bins and the throwing skill will increase throughout your gameplay.

Bathing Skills

The Bathing skill is very important because it increases your max HP, RP, and vitality. It’s going to increase every time you take a bath but there is a slight issue with it which is that the bath opens from 10 am to 10 pm. It’s 500g every time, however, at the beginning of the game, you are going to get the beginner’s mark. If you equip that mark until level 20, you’re going to get free baths.

Sleeping Skills

Sleeping skills can be increased by going to sleep on your bed. It will increase your maximum HP, maximum RP, Strength, Vitality, and Intelligence. You can go to your bed and increase your skills at any time as on the official guide you cannot increase your skills after 1 am. But in version 1.1.1 you can increase your skills at any time. On every sleep, you’ll increase 10% of the experience.

Cooking Skills

You can increase your cooking skill by cooking anything or even making false recipes, it will give you the experience. The cooking, Forging, Chemistry skills are important to update because they will help you learn the new skills as you level up. The easy way to increase your cooking skills is that empty your backpack and go to the general store and buy the cheapest item which will be turnip seeds. Now put all of the turnip seeds into storage and empty your backpack. Now go to appliances and find the highest level recipe so you’ll get more experience. Just put all the turnip seeds and it will all go into your backpack after the recipe, it’ll give you the experience, and when you start to make the recipe again you will see that you have all the failed recipes in your backpack since you don’t have any space in the backpack. Put all the failed recipes in the fridge. Now recycle the failed recipes with other failed recipes and it’ll give you the experience. You can repeat this process but you have to keep noticing your RP because you lose RP while cooking and if you don’t have enough RP then you’ll lose HP.

Chemistry Skills

So, for Chemistry it is pretty much the same find the highest level recipe, and to start you can use anything like turnip seeds, scrap metals, grass, etc. Anything you don’t want you can use that. But what is an interesting thing about chemistry is that your Object X actually stack as opposed to the failed dishes that didn’t stack so they will be filling your inventory. They don’t take much space in your backpack so you can reuse the same ones and there are also no variations of Object X so you’ll always get the exact same thing. You can do this all over and over again and keep getting the experience. Just make a level 10 Formulate so you don’t have to worry about your HP as chemistry also consumes your RP and HP. But with the use of Level 10 Formulate you won’t die while doing the chemistry. So, you can repeat the recipe over and over again to get the experience.

Forging and Crafting Skills

For forging and crafting it is also like the same thing just find the highest-level weapon or armor and you’re going to get scrap metals out of the failed recipes that you make here. So, just keep making the scrap metal over and over so you just going to level up that easy.

For crafting it’s the same just choose the recipe and put whatever you like in it and you can even use the scrap metal that you were using before so just put that in. you’re going to get scrap metal for this as well so you can repeat it in crafting as well and level up easily.

Status Effects Resistance Skills

In status Resistance skills there is poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Fatigue, Sickness, and knockout so these skills are going to increase your resistance to these statuses so they are pretty useful to have. The way to increase these skills is either by being afflicted from one of these status effects by an enemy or by afflicting one of these status effects to an enemy. To afflict one of the status effects on an enemy go to the location shown in the image and look for Siren.

Status Effects Resistance Skills

She has a pretty low spawn rate so she doesn’t always appear you have to come to look for her again and again. We actually need Melody Bottles from her when you get it just kill her and go farther away from that place until all the monsters disappear and go back there again so she will spawn again and get Melody bottles again. Get three Melody Bottles in total and then go to crafting station and build any weapon that you like and put three of the Melody bottles in it and it has status effects by 30% which is far more than enough. After making the weapon just go around and kill the monster with the weapon you just made and you’ll going to level up very quickly.

Farming Pineapples

As all the other skills going to level up naturally but there is also another way to increase all of your skills pretty much at the same time all while making a lot of money and that’s with the pineapples. It’s going to take a while before you unlock the pineapple seeds. You have to do some requests in order to unlock it so do the requests and the pineapple seeds will unlock for you.

So, when you’re going to harvest a crop, you are going to get an orb that will level up a random skill and with the pineapple harvest almost on every pineapple, you’re going to get an orb that will level up your random skill.

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