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Rune Factory 5: How to earn SEED points



Rune Factory 5: How to earn SEED points

There are different ways to earn SEED points in Rune Factory 5. SEED points are used to upgrade your items. You can also unlock Festivals with your SEED points. SEED points are used to upgrade your shops and barns.

SEED points are hard to get but there are techniques you can follow in the early game and later in-game to get more SEED points.

Patrol Mark

Patrol Mark can be equipped and it will boost your ability to gain more SEED points. You will gain 1.5X more SEED points while you’ve equipped Patrol Mark. You can unlock Patrol Mark by reaching the final rank of the SEED organization. You can complete wanted bounties in Libya to unlock the final rank of the SEED organization.

Patrol Mark

Wanted Monsters Quests

You can do Wanted Monsters Quests and you can get a minimum of 20 SEED points each time you complete a Wanted Monsters Quest. The number of points that you will depend upon the difficulty and rarity of the Wanted Monsters Quests. They range from one to five stars. Every Monster has a different HP and depending upon the size of their HP you will get a different number of SEED points.

Defeating Monsters and Bosses

There are many different Monsters in the Rune Factory 5’s world you can go and fight these monsters and on defeating every monster you will get 2 SEED points. If you have the Patrol Mark you will get 3 SEED points.

For the Bosses, you find Bosses in the dungeons. As the game has a fast travel feature, you can use this feature to fast travel to dungeons and go down and make your way to the Bosses. You can defeat Bosses and it will give you 30 SEED points and 45 SEED points if you have the Patrol Mark. You can only defeat each boss once per day.

Shipping items

You can use Ship items, If you sell your items from your inventory you will get 50 points automatically and if you sell more valued items you will get up to 125 SEED points. If you’re using Patrol Mask you can get from 75 to 150 points by selling the items.

Requests and Daily Quests

There are different requests throughout the game that will give you a minimum of 100 SEED points and up to 300 SEED points depending upon the quests. You will also get a small and easy daily quest that will give you about 200 SEED points. If you’ve Patrol mark you can get from 150 to 450 SEED points by doing the Requests.

You will also find NPCs that will tell you to do some tasks you can help complete their tasks and you will get 200 points and 300 points if you have the Patrol Mark.

Talk to NPCs

This is very simple you just have to talk to every one person you find near and in the towns throughout the game. When you talk to an NPC you will get 1 SEED point and if you have the Patrol Mark you’ll get 2 points.

Activities with NPCs

You can do activities with NPCs when you’ve developed your relationship with the NPCs. You will unlock activities when you’ve unlocked the second level for the Bakery and the Blacksmith. You can do these different activities like cooking with NPCs. This will give you 3 SEED points and 15 points with Patrol Mark.

Completing Sub-Scenarios

You can complete the yellow marker Sub-Scenarios and Sub-Scenarios with Marriage candidates available. For completing each Sub-Scenario, you will get 30 SEED points and 45 with the Patrol Mark.


You can compete in festivals and depending upon your position ranging from 1st to 3rd you will receive the SEED points. You will get 50, 100, or 150 depending on your position from 3rd to 1st. If you’ve Patrol Mask then you’ll get 75, 150, and 225 from 3rd to 1st position.

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