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Rune Factory 5: How to farm Bronze, Silver, and Gold



Bronze, Silver, and Gold are ore materials in Rune factory five that have a different rarity. You can use these materials to craft items.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold are obtained by mining and for mining, you need a hammer. Hammer also have different rarities and you can craft a better hammer by learning the recipe from the farming recipe bread. If you have a better rarity hammer you can get more Bronze, Silver, and Gold when you’re mining.

Bronze Farm Locations

Here is a list of locations where you can farm Bronze Materials, you might also get some Iron while you’re mining in these locations for Bronze. You can also do fast travel to these locations; fast travel is a really good feature for Rune Factory 5. You will find reddish rocks there you need to mine the rocks with your hammer and you will receive bronze from these rocks.

Bronze Farm Locations
  • Kelve Lava Cave first Floor
  • Kelve Lava Cave second Floor
  • Atohl’s End first Floor
  • Bandit King’s Old Base First Floor
  • Bandit King’s Old Base second Floor
  • Cloudheim first Floor

Silver Farm Locations

Here is the list of locations where you can get Silver ore Materials. You might also find other rare ores while you mine for Silver at these locations.

Silver Farm Locations
  • Atohl’s End
  • Everlasting Darkness
  • Cloudheim first Floor
  • Kelve Lava Caves
  • Gadeus Grasslands

Gold Farm Locations

Here is the list of locations where you can get Gold Materials. While mining Gold at these locations you might find rocks with other rarities that will drop other rarity Materials.

  • Cloudheim first Floor
  • Cloudheim second Floor
  • Atohl’s End
  • Everalasting Darkness first Floor
  • Meline Crystal Caverns

Special Rarity Ores Materials

We will also get special Rarity Ores in the above-mentioned locations. Here is the List of the Materials you will find in these caves and dungeons. These are high rarity materials used in crafting items and will take more damage to break a rock of these materials.

  • Aquamarine
  • Sapphire also found in Thundering Wastes
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst also found in Whispering Woods, Thundering Wastes and Phoros Woodlands
  • Shade Stone

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