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Rune Factory 5: Beatrice Location and How to Marry her



Rune Factory 5: Beatrice Location and How to Marry her

In Rune Factory 5 you can marry the bachelor or Bachelorette Characters. You have to interact with them make a friendship with them and you can increase the level of friendship with them by giving gifts to them, going to festivals, winning festivals, inviting them to parties, etc.


Beatrice is a Bachelorette Character and she is a young noblewoman. She keeps her identity hidden and lives separate from the townsfolk with her knight Reinhard. She lives in Belpha Ruins outside the Rigbarth. She has different talents as well including: playing musical instruments and riding monsters. But she is very polite to be meet and you can easily increase friendship level with her and marrying her.

Increase Hearts

So, the method to increase Beatrice’s hearts is the same as you leveling up your friendship. Speak more often to her and give her the gifts that she likes. On Winter 5, it’s her birthday, and give her the gift on that day to get some more points for your friendship. Go to festivals with her and win festivals that will also increase your friendship level. Beatrice loves strawberry jam so you can make strawberry jam and give her as a gift. You can also give her handmade gifts because she likes handmade gifts more than the gifts you purchase from the store. Just do a greeting once in a day to get some experience from that also.

The fastest way to increase the friendship level is that you invite her to the party so for the party you actually can invite three characters. Just invite two more characters with Beatrice and they will start to follow you and in every hour the friendship will increase by one point and even if you go to sleep and wake up the next day, they’ll still be with you.

So, once you reach level 7 with Beatrice you can confess to her and invite her to date. She will tell you the time and the day on she would want to meet you so go the place on a particular day and you can even go there an hour before the date. The event will automatically trigger an hour before if you are there. It is also a very quick way to increase the friendship level.


The things Beatrice doesn’t like are Hot milk, Doria, and Gratin. So, don’t give her these items because it will decrease the points of the friendship level.

Don’t go late on the date because it will make her angry and you also lose points of the friendship level.

Marriage Requirements

To marry Beatrice there are some requirements that you have to fulfill then she will be agreed to marry you. So, on the map, there will be pink icons which will be Beatrice’s events and they are three in total. You have to complete them all. You have to meet everyone in Rigbarth. Complete the Beatrice’s Final Story event. You should have friendship level 10. When you unlocked the recipe of engagement ring, made an engagement ring for her and you must have a double bed.

These are all the requirements for Beatrice to marry you when you reach friendship level 10 with her.

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