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Rune Factory 5: Best Gifts for All Marriage Candidates



Rune Factory 5: Best Gifts for All Marriage Candidates

Rune Factory 5 has an affection system with NPCs like other RPG games. This affection system allows you to develop a relationship with the NPC. The affection system will allow the NPCs to become friends with you. Also, Rune Factory 5 has Marriage Candidates, these special NPCs when you do affection with them you will learn about them and their history, and eventually, you will have dating quests with them which will finally lead to Marriage with the NPCs.

Gifting system to increase Affection

Rune Factory has 5 has a gifting system from which you can gift different items to your favorite NPCs to become their favorite. Every NPC has their different gift choices. You can give them gifts in order to increase Affection with the potential Marriage NPCs. You can also give NPCs gifts on their birthday to increase your affection. One thing you should be careful of is to notice the NPCs’ hated gifts when you talk to them, they will tell you what they like and don’t. So, you’ve to be careful while gifting them items. If you gift an item, they don’t like their affection will decrease.

You can learn about the NPCs’ birthdays by talking to them. Once, you’ve talked to them about their birthday it will be added to the calendar in-game. To gift an item you can go to the menu in your inventory to pick the item and then get close to the NPC and you can press A to talk to them and give the item. Also, in order to increase the affection, you should give the NPC the best gift and you can do this one time a day to gain affection, giving the same gift again and again won’t increase the affection.

Bachelor favorite gifts and birthday date


Birthday8th autumn
Best GiftFruit, Sandwich, Orihalcon, Dragonstone
Fallen GiftAny type of fruit and ore
Unpopular GiftAbalone, Puffer Fish, Mushroom
Hated GiftAny kind of puffer fish dish, grilled abalone


Birthdaysummer 2
Best GiftPower Gloves, Champion Beltm Union Stew, Grilled Skipjack
Fallen GiftAny type of Chinese-themed dish, Any type of pizza, Great Giant’s Nail, Dango, Blue Giant’s Glove
Unpopular giftcakes, pancakes, french toast
Hated gift Anything with chocolate, sweets


Birthdayspring 12
Best Giftpink melon, fruit sandwich, relaxation tea
Fallen GiftAny kind of fruit, any kind of brooch accessories, mysterious things, crystal skulls
Unpopular giftYogurt, Cheese, Milk
Hated giftHot milk, milk porridge


BirthdayWinter 27
Best giftcroquettes, ice cream
Fallen giftPopcorn, fries, cool stuff of any kind
Unpopular GiftAny kind of curry dish
Hated GiftUltimate Curry, Royal Curry


Birthday30th autumn
Best giftToast, Sandwich Jam Buns, Level 4 & 5 Upgrade Farming Tools
Fallen giftStrawberry Seeds, Beet Seeds, Falied Dish, Cold Medicine
Unpopular GiftAny kind of jewelry, gems, and crystals
Hated GiftAny type of core


Birthdayspring 1
Best giftTempura, Tempura Udon, Fried Udon, Curry Udon
Fallen giftAny kind of Crystal, Udon, Curry Rice, Can
Unpopular GiftBoat
Hated GiftNone

Bachelorette’s favorite gifts and birthday


Birthdayspring 27
Best giftChocolate Cake, Chocolate Sponge Cake, Yam of the Ages, Chocolate Chip Cookie
Fallen giftAny kind of feather, hot chocolate, sweet food
Unpopular GiftMushroom, Any kind of fish, branch,
Hated GiftAny dish with squid


Birthdayautumn 16
Best giftTuna, Salmon Rice Balls, Level 4 and 5 Enhanced Fishing Rods
Fallen giftAny kind of fish and fish dishes, any kind of fruit, milk
Unpopular GiftSpider Thread, Ghost Hood
Hated GiftFel Horn, Fel Blood, Crystal Skull


Birthdaysummer 29
Best giftEmerald, Golden Salmon, Golden Octopus, Marlin Tuna
Fallen giftAny kind of glittery items, any kind of fish
Unpopular Giftcarrot, green pepper, all cucumber dishes
Hated GiftCucumber mix, onion


Birthdaywinter 14
Best giftstrawberry milk, strawberry jam
Fallen giftApple, Pudding, Fruit Sandwich
Unpopular GiftDoria, au gratin
Hated GiftHot Milk, Hot Chocolate, Union Stew

Scarlet fever

Birthdaysummer 18
Best giftdragon head stew, tempura, tempura udon
Fallen giftAny kind of rice dish, rice ball, most Japanese dishes
Unpopular GiftUnion Stew, Okonomiyaki
Hated GiftLeek


BirthdayWinter 5th
Best giftWhite Crystal, Emery Flower, Salted Rainbow Trout
Fallen giftAny kind of feather, love scales, prelude to love
Unpopular GiftAny type of fur
Hated GiftCrimson Fur, Wolf Fur

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