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Sailing Era: How to Get Pearls



Sailing Era: How to Get Pearls

Sailing Era is a Role-Playing Strategy game that offers a Great Sea Sailing experience with 4 different characters to the players. Players will go to the Great Sea Adventures to make history or take revenge or get treasures of the ocean. There are many different valuables in the game that players can find through exploration in the sea. One of the valuables that players can get in the game is Pearl.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Pearl in Sailing Era.

How to Get Pearls

Pearls are one of the valuable items in the game that players can get by playing as Abdullah (an Arab Character). Abdullah is the leader of the Pearl Picking team and finding Pearls with Abdullah opens new opportunities for his fleet and crew. Abdullah has special knowledge of where to get the Pearls from and he will often speak of it in the dialogues before sailing into the sea.

Pearls are mostly found near the Birds and Fish area in the sea. If you zoom in while sailing, you can observe your surrounding better. If there are birds flying above an area of the sea, that area will be more prominent than the rest of the sea. To check the loot, you can press Alt to begin the search and if you get close enough to the area, you will get a pop-up of the item that can be found in the area.

Mostly, the birds’ area has Pearls in the area. Accept to loot the Pearl and Abdullah will jump into the water and a small picture cutscene will play. After that, Abdullah will return with the Pearl. You can collect Pearl throughout your story gameplay of Abdullah’s character.

It can help unlock new side quests as well as it does require some main quests as well. So, do collect them when you are sailing near an area with a lot of birds.

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