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Scorn: Where to Find the Ring Key



Scorn: Where to Find the Ring Key

Scorn is full of puzzles and players will need to find specific items for the puzzles to solve them. One of the key items that are required in the second act of the game is the Ring Key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Ring Key in Scorn.

Finding the Ring Key

The Ring Key is a strange component that is required for the consoles in front of the Giant Flower in the middle of the facility and other consoles that you’ll find in the facility to get the white seeds. If you have reached the facility and made your way to the Giant Flower’s room then go straight back out of the room and go towards the left side. Skip the first corridor that comes up on the left side and go inside the second corridor.

As you turn into the second corridor, there’ll be a corpse laying against the wall. The corpse will be holding the Ring Key and you need to interact with the corpse to obtain the Ring Key. There is a console right next to the corpse in which you can use this key to get the white seed and there is a total of 4 of these consoles spread out in the facility. You need to find all of the consoles and obtain the white seeds and then use the Ring Key on the Giant Flower’s console to solve the main puzzle of the second Act.

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